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There are many things people don’t tell you about being the victim of an accident, all of which can make it harder for you to recover after it happens to you. We represent people and families who have suffered a variety of accidents, including car and truck crashes, motorcycle collisions, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, and more. Find out why our firm is trusted to represent accident victims across Indiana and how we are able to get maximum compensation when negligence causes injury.
People who have been hospitalized due to severe injuries often miss weeks of work, face overwhelming medical costs, and may never be able to regain full independence. Many victims feel as if they will never truly recover from their accidents, leaving them emotionally as well as physically damaged. We have dedicated our lives to helping people like these get the care and compensation they need. Find out how our firm can get justice for Indiana injury victims.
You were injured in an accident – now what?

A serious injury is an overwhelming experience that can turn a life upside down. Victims will likely face physical limitations, financial burdens, and conflicts with insurance agents while they recover, all of which can rob them of the time they need to heal.

During this critical time, the insurance company’s adjuster will likely contact you. You should NEVER give a recorded statement to any insurance companies, including your own, without first consulting an attorney.

The following slides will guide you through the process for a typical personal injury case.

Step 1: Seek Medical Treatment

Following a collision, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Be sure to express all symptoms and complaints you may have, no matter how big or small they are at the time. Without proper medical documentation, the complaints that you had will not be able to be presented to the adjuster for consideration during the negotiation phase of the claim.

Step 2: Hire an Attorney

Sevenish Law offers a Free Consultation in person or by phone with one of our experienced injury attorneys to discuss your case.

During our initial consultation, we will review your case with you and evaluate the best approach to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury.

The Sevenish Law Difference is our pledge to provide you with the best representation by aggressively pursuing all the compensation you are due from your losses.

Step 3: Working on Your Case

The Sevenish Law team begins working your case immediately, and gathering necessary information/documents. This includes:

Contacting the insurance companies and claims adjusters.
Gathering accident reports and police photos, taking witness statements, obtaining accident scene and property damage photographs, and the use of video documentation.
Confirming your medical providers and gathering medical records, exhibits and affidavits or a medical video statement from treating physicians.
Identifying and investigating issues regarding any and all insurance coverages, policy limits, and benefits available, including health insurance benefits.
Step 4: Communication

Communication with our clients is key to our success.

  • From your first meeting, we provide you with a complete understanding of the claims process, what you can expect throughout the process, and what we will need from you to be successful.
  • You will also receive several letters from our office with detailed explanations on how to handle medical bills, medical payments through your own auto insurance, and the process of your case.
  • Our paralegals communicate with your treating physician and healthcare providers on your condition, recovery, and prognosis.
  • We contact you monthly to review your treatment status and provide updates on your case.
Step 5: Settlement Phase
  • Once you have been released by your primary physician, our team will obtain medical treatment records, medical billing, and loss wage information. In addition your primary doctor will prepare a narrative on your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • Lastly all liens (health insurance, hospital, and medical providers) will be confirmed.
  • A settlement demand package is prepared and the client is advised about the potential “value” of their claim with an attorney.
  • The demand package is sent to the claims adjuster or defense attorney.
  • Your attorney begins settlement negotiations with the claims adjuster or defense attorney.
  • The insurance company’s final offer is presented to you, for your final acceptance or rejection, after a detailed analysis and discussion with your lawyer.
Step 6: Potential Lawsuit

If a final settlement offer is not accepted, a lawsuit will be filed with the client’s permission and full understanding.

98% or more of all cases settle without going to court. If a lawsuit is filed, a costly and lengthy litigation process begins and the post settlement phase will be delayed for several months, if not years. Some select cases shall require a lawsuit in order to seek justice and to protect a client’s rights. Even if a lawsuit is filed, 99% of those settle amicably once the case has been properly postured by the firm.

icon representing court process
Step 7: Post Settlement Phase

Once a settlement has been accepted (or a lawsuit completed in the client’s favor) the post settlement phase begins. This includes:

  • Negotiating liens and protected medical bills to increase the client’s net recovery.
  • Settlement documents are received, reviewed, and presented to client for signature and then returned to the insurance carrier for processing.
  • The check from the insurance company is deposited to a trust account for 5 business days per bar rules.
  • Disbursement is prepared for client’s review and signature.
  • The client receives final settlement check and a copy of their file upon execution of all settlement documents.

An Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm That Stands Out From the Crowd

A serious injury is an overwhelming experience that can turn a life upside down. Victims may face physical limitations, financial burdens, and conflicts with insurance agents as they recover, all of which can rob them of the time they need to heal. While these difficulties can be overcome by pursuing a legal remedy, many people are reluctant to place their trust in an attorney—leaving them to fight their own battles at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.

We Help Indianapolis Injury Victims Make Their Voices Heard

For over 30 years, attorney Randall “Randy” Sevenish has assisted countless personal injury victims and their families throughout Indiana. At the Sevenish Law Firm, we are dedicated to taking only the actions that will serve a client’s best interest. While insurance companies serve their bottom lines, our legal team serves you and you alone. If we can help after you or a loved one has been hurt in a car, motorcycle, or other accident resulting in serious injury or death, we will take on your case. Call the number on this page to discuss your case with an attorney.


As a former Police Captain, Mr. Sevenish has a unique background in identifying and investigating the circumstances of an accident. This experience has allowed our legal team to understand the challenges faced by victims in injury cases, including those that involve:

  • Auto Accidents. Car accidents can result from many kinds of negligence, such as speeding, aggressive driving, drunk driving, distracted drivers, automotive defects, and poor road conditions. We can help you understand more about your legal rights and options after a crash and determine which parties may be held legally responsible for your suffering.
  • Truck Accidents. Truckers on tight deadlines may engage in risky or negligent behavior on the road, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving too fast for conditions, skipping required rest breaks, driving while distracted, or failing to inspect their rigs and trailers before each journey. As trucking companies work quickly to protect themselves in an accident, it is vital that accident victims have their truck crashes investigated immediately to discover if the trucker was running afoul of the law.
  • Bus Accidents. Not only are school and passenger buses more prone to rolling over in an accident, many are not equipped with seat belts to keep riders safely secured in their seats. Since accidents involving school buses, public transportation, shuttles, motor coaches, and commercial bus services can cause injuries to multiple victims, bus drivers are held to a higher safety standard and can be found liable in a crash.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. As an avid motorcycle enthusiast and rider, Mr. Sevenish understands the physics and dynamics of riding a motorcycle and appreciates the losses that riders suffer in a crash. Motorcycle accidents are often due to the actions of other drivers on the road, but also by defective bike parts and failure to maintain safe roads—all of which may be compensable under motorcycle injury law.
  • Bicycle Accidents. Even riders who wear helmets can suffer serious and potentially deadly brain and spine injuries if they are struck by larger vehicles. If you have been injured in a bicycle crash or lost a loved one in a bike accident, we may be able to investigate your claim.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. People who are struck by cars in crosswalks, parking lots, and driveways are far more likely to be severely injured than those who are protected inside their vehicles, and often need legal guidance to recover their medical costs.
  • Construction Accidents. Construction workers are at extremely high risk of catastrophic injuries occurring while on the job, including falling from great heights, becoming caught or pinned between machinery and walls, being struck by objects, and suffering harm while using dangerous tools and equipment. We help people and families who are suffering from the effects of these accidents get proper compensation for their losses.



If you have suffered an injury due to another person’s actions or failure to act, you have a right to pursue compensation for your losses. This type of legal claim is known as a personal injury lawsuit. The Sevenish Law Firm focuses exclusively on this area of the law, helping victims and their families recover the costs of serious, catastrophic, or fatal injuries such as:

  • Brain Injury. As active members of the National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association, we appreciate the impact that these injuries can have on the lives of victims and their families. Brain injury victims may require an overwhelming amount of medical care and treatment, suffering lost earnings and costs often rising over tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Burn Injury. A burn injury’s effect on a victim can go far beyond the surface of the skin. Burns can cause permanent disability, prevent a person from earning a living, and lead to anxiety and depression due to disfigurement.
  • Premises Injury. If you are injured while on property owned or occupied by someone else, you may have the right to sue that person for your losses. Cases of premises liability may involve slip and falls, swimming pool accidents, accidents on public property, dog bites, injuries due to inadequate security, falling objects, and other injuries caused by negligence.
  • Spinal Cord Injury. Damage to the spinal cord can cause a range of injuries, from herniated discs to damaged nerves and permanent paralysis. Victims often face overwhelming medical expenses and ongoing pain and suffering, all while they are unable to work.
  • Workers’ Compensation. Injuries at work are supposed to be covered under workers’ compensation, but employers may be hesitant to cover the costs of surgeries, and lengthy physical rehabilitation.
  • Wrongful Death. The loss of a family member can be emotionally and financially devastating for the surviving family members. In this chaotic and confusing time, the counsel and advice from a wrongful death attorney can help you avoid serious legal mistakes.

Ready to Listen. Ready to Serve.

If you or a loved one is struggling due to another's negligence, the Sevenish Law Firm is here to help. We can immediately review your case, explain your rights and options, and aggressively pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve for your losses. Please contact our Indiana personal injury lawyers by phone or through our convenient online form to learn more. Our initial consultations are free and confidential, and we always respond to calls within 24 hours.

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