Police Officers Have a Tough Job—They Deserve Respect on Patrol and When They Get Hurt

When an individual makes the career decision to join law enforcement—whether with the Indiana State Police, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department the County Sheriff’s Department or another agency—he or she answers a call to enforce local laws and help keep the public safe.

The commitment police officers make is not one they take lightly. Law enforcement officers have very difficult jobs. Although individual officers in rare instances may make mistakes, police officers in general deserve utmost respect from the communities they serve.
Let us not forget that it is often police officers and other first responders who run directly into the face of danger. These dedicated officers deserve aggressive law enforcement legal representation to fight for their interests when they get hurt in the course of their job or in off-duty accidents.

Police Officers Have the Dangerous Duty of Keeping Society Safe

Despite recent controversies involving police in other parts of the country, the police officers in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana have dedicated their careers to public service and put their lives on the line for the residents of the communities they serve.

The challenging work these police officers do in the field day in and day out earns them our compassion and respect.

Attorney Randall Having proudly served as a deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, and a Captain, SWAT Team Founder and Commander, Drill Instructor and Officer Survival Instructor at the police academy, founding attorney Randall “Randy” Sevenish has first-hand experience with the day-to-day struggles police officers face.

He knows that it does not matter whether an officer is en route to the scene of an accident, entering a house to address a domestic violence call, or responding to an alleged hostage situation, at any moment that officer could face a potential life-and-death situation in which split-second decisions must be made.

In countless scenarios, it is the officers’ quick response and training that defuse a volatile and potentially deadly situation so that innocent lives are saved.

On-the-Job Risks Police Officers Face

Although most people are aware that police officers may encounter danger as part of their jobs, many people may not realize all of the on-the-job risks police officers face.

  • Even driving to the scene of an accident, conducting a routine patrol or issuing a ticket on the side of the road could prove deadly to a police officer. All it takes is one negligent, distracted or reckless driver, and an officer could wind up in the hospital with life-threatening or fatal injuries. In fact, vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among police officers.
  • Assaults and shootings in traffic stops and other traffic-related activities account for 18 percent of fatal injuries to police officers.
  • The overall fatality rate for police officers is estimated at around 15 per 100,000 workers – almost quadruple the fatality rate of the average U.S. worker. The rate of occupational injuries experienced by police officers is thought to be between double and triple that of the average worker.
  • According to The Police Chief Magazine, while 38 percent of fatal injuries involving police officers result from assaults and shootings, 37 percent happen in vehicle-related accidents.
  • The most common non-fatal injuries sustained by police officers on the job are strains and sprains, especially to the back. Strains and sprains are also the injuries which lead to the most time lost from work.

Legal Assistance for Officers Injured in the Line of Duty

If you are a police officer who has been injured in the line of duty or while off duty, our firm is here to provide you with the legal assistance and support you need. You, your family and your recovery are what matter. We are here to help you pursue justice and we will work diligently on your behalf in seeking fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

To provide information about police officers’ rights following an on-duty or off-duty accident, and how to protect those rights, our firm has gathered a collection of legal resources for law enforcement for you to review at your convenience.

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