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As a lifelong bicyclist, Randy Sevenish knows the ins and outs of bicycling

  • Educator/Representative for Bicyclists Since 1985
  • Sponsor – Indiana “Share The Road” Driver’s Education
  • Sponsor – Indiana Savvy Cycling Program
  • Sponsor – “Bicycle Laws” Card
  • Partner/Corporate Sponsor In Educating Serving Indiana Cyclists With:
  • Author Of “Protecting The Bicyclist 101” – (Available Feb-2012)
Randy and Regina Sevenish Bike

Proud Yearly Supporter of the Christian Phone Book and Christian Blue Pages

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2nd Annual Biker’s Betterment Conference in Chicago

Sevenish Law Firm was at the 2nd Annual Biker’s Betterment Conference in Chicago where Personal Injury attorney Randall Sevenish was invited to be part of the legal panel. The event was held on March 25-26, 2011 and the event’s purpose was to educate motorcyclists on how to ride safe for themselves as well as for the people around them.

2nd Annual Biker’s Betterment Conference

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