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Dave Ramsey Recommends Sevenish Injury Law

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Dave Ramsey has developed a trusted and loyal audience in the United States with over 25 years of teaching the public how to be smarter with your finances and in that same time, calling out companies who take advantage of consumers.
Dave’s personal recommendation cannot be bought.

Sevenish Injury Law is the only law firm in the country that Dave Ramsey recommends for your motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian injury case.

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Dave just doesn’t hand out radio endorsements for monetary compensation. He refuses to endorse any business entity unless they have a near flawless customer service record over a period of Ten Years or more. Dave and his team in Nashville, TN – literally sweep several customer service bureaus before he agrees to record a radio commercial endorsement.

Dave Ramsey and his team look well beyond the last couple of years, for any negative consumer reaction – and – he will not continue to recommend Sevenish Injury Law – unless high customer service marks are maintained across the board now and in the future.

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Hear what Dave Ramsey has to say about Sevenish Injury Law


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