What should I know when looking for a brain injury lawyer?

Brain injury cases are more complicated and difficult to prove than other personal injury cases. They involve complex medical, legal and insurance issues and often require expert testimony to successfully prove the TBI or MTBI, such as a neuro-psychologist professional or others.

This can be expensive and time-consuming. It requires a genuine interest on behalf of the lawyer, and willingness—including a financial commitment—to conscientiously prepare the case to prove the causal relationship of the accident or crash with the brain injury. It also requires an ability to guide expert witnesses to demonstrate the practical effects of the injury to the victim or victim’s family’s life, usually in the form of a video medical statement or a “Day in the Life” documentary with professional narration which brings life into the case, whether to the insurance giants in settlement efforts or to a jury should that become necessary.

It also normally includes the involvement of a vocational rehabilitation expert, an economist, and a Life-Care Planner along with the treating physicians.

Your chances of success are much greater if you get help from a brain injury attorney with experience in successfully handling cases similar to yours.