Do you know who can be sued following a motorcycle accident?

You may sue anyone who is at fault for your injuries; otherwise known as “direct and proximate” cause.

Most often but not always, this means a driver who hurt you by violating traffic laws such as making an unsafe lane change in traffic, failing to yield the right of way, disregarding a stop sign or red light, rear-ending you, by not looking out for you or for many other reasons. All too often you may find yourself suffering from personal injuries and a totaled motorcycle, and that's if you're lucky.

This could also include suing the vehicle owner in some cases if permission was given to another party to drive. If the wrongdoer was drunk or impaired, it could also include the person or establishment that served the alcohol.

However, if a defective motorcycle or part caused your injuries, you may sue the manufacturer responsible for building the defective product. Government agencies can also be held liable for unsafe roads. A motorcycle injury lawyer who rides will know exactly who to include. But understand the vast majority of motorcycle injury claims will not require the need for a lawsuit.

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