Why are safety groups focused on cell phone use?

It is true that texting and talking on the phone are not the only distractions drivers encounter while driving, but hand-held device use is very widespread, and statistics show that it’s growing.

Common sense would support this. Have you ever noticed how many people are either talking on their cell-phones or texting as they walk, exercise, drive, and even while walking next to their significant other while both are on separate phones?

If that’s true, which of course it is, why would we think that technological distractions will not increase as technology increases? It is certainly a disturbing trend and shall likely continue until it affects us as individuals and unfortunately, it will indeed affect most of us that see this video.

Further, based on observation studies, the federal government has concluded that at any given time 11 percent of all drivers are likely to be using a hand-held or hands-free cell phone.

Hand-held phone use alone translates to 812,000 vehicles or more on the road at any given time just during daylight hours. Imagine the increase of distraction and risk of car accidents when driving at night!