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Our Practice at Sevenish Law, P.C.

rs-policeIf you are reading this, most likely you or a family member were seriously injured in a devastating accident. I hope you choose our firm because I know that we can help.

I am Randy Sevenish, an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer. As a former police Captain, my instinct is to render aid to victims and go after the bad guys. Although I’m not kicking in doors any more, I am still pursuing the bad guys.  Make no mistake – a personal injury claim is a fight! In my present work, the “bad guys” are people who cause injuries through negligence and insurance companies who try to deny rightful compensation. I’ve built a reputation first as a SWAT Commander, decorated Sheriff’s Captain, master police instructor and master martial arts instructor, and now in my current field as an attorney who takes tough cases, negotiates hard, and (when necessary) presents a great case to a jury.

Advocates for the Seriously Injured

We proudly protect the rights of accident victims throughout the state of Indiana, whether involved in auto, truck or motorcycle cases. Indiana motorcycle accidents hit especially close to our hearts because we are bikers ourselves. But make no mistake, we extend compassionate legal representation for all Indiana personal injury claims.

Our Indianapolis Personal Injury Law Firm: Victim Support and Much More

receptionI have represented injury victims since 1985.

I am blessed with wonderful, dedicated staff members who “make it happen” on a daily basis.

But be assured that when you hire me, you get me – not a junior lawyer or case manager.

Quality legal representation is just a part of the mission of Sevenish Law Firm. Our practice is dedicated to public safety and community service:

  • We sponsor “I Give My Word,” encouraging teenage drivers to pledge they will not drink and drive.
  • We founded the Justice on Wheels program, extending legal services, education and other benefits to motorcycle riders nationwide.
  • We publish the The Indiana Accident Book and other free publications to inform and educate the public about personal injury rights.
  • We sponsor several charity rides each year to bring motorcycle enthusiasts together.


My Background: A Career Built on Service

I’ve always been in the business of helping people, in one way or another. It’s who I am, and my Christian faith requires me to “do the right thing” in all aspects of my life.

Law Enforcement: Character and Skills

In 1973, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, and I made the most of my opportunity. As a Captain in the Marion County Sheriff’s Department,  I founded the county’s SWAT team, attended the FBI Academy, and was honored as “Police Officer of the Year” by the City of Indianapolis for my efforts as a police instructor.

Law enforcement shaped my character, and from those years I gained valuable accident investigation skills that I employ in seeking compensation for my clients.

Martial Arts: A Reflection of Our Firm’s Philosophy

I hold advanced black belts in Isshinryu Karate (Master Rating) and other martial arts. I’ve passed my self-defense skills along to thousands of Indiana citizens and police officers as an instructor and owner of martial arts schools. It’s a hobby that embodies everything I and Sevenish Law Firm stand for: integrity, honor, discipline – and aggressively bringing the fight to the opponent.

Try Sevenish Law Firm

Our Indiana personal injury law firm welcomes you to a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll find that we genuinely do care about our clients and will go above and beyond to win the compensation you need and deserve. If we agree to work together, you pay no attorneys fees unless we succeed on your behalf. Call toll-free, statewide, 24 hours a day, at 800.991.4370 and we’ll see you soon.


Randall R. Sevenish, J.D.

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