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Bus Accident

Bus Accident

Bus accidents claim the lives of about a dozen school children every year in America, and thousands of other school age children get hurt in bus accidents annually. Considering that more than 23.5 million children ride America’s nearly 450,000 buses to and from school every day, this safety record may seem relatively good – particularly when compared with motorcycle and bicycle accident rates, which are much higher per mile traveled.

Nevertheless, bus accidents tend to be particularly volatile and catastrophic due to two factors:

  • School buses tend not to have seat belts.
  • Passenger buses (particularly buses designed to carry 15 or more people) have high centers of gravity. This makes them more susceptible to rolling over.


Other kinds of bus accidents

Public buses, shuttles, private motor coaches, airport passenger vans, and commercial buses shuttle passengers over nearly 1 billion miles of road and highway every year in the United States. Although National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics suggest that riding a commercial bus may be safer than riding a motorcycle (or even driving in certain cars or trucks). When bus accidents do occur they tend to be devastating.

“Common Carriers”

Public buses have a higher standard of care for passengers and pedestrians. What does this mean? It means that, when bus drivers violate the law, they are even more accountable for damage to life or limb than a private citizen driving a car or truck might be.

Responding effectively to bus accidents

If you or your child has been injured in Indiana in a bus accident, you may need to take immediate steps to claim compensation from liable parties, such as a negligent bus driver or a municipality.

Bus accident cases can be legally complicated, as they may involve both private and public defendants.

Attorney Randy Sevenish has been practicing injury law for 21 years in the state of Indiana, and you can speak with him today about your Indiana bus accident case at his toll-free injury hotline, 1-800-278-9200. You can also browse our personal injury website for more information.

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