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Firefighter Rights

Firefighter Rights: On and Off Duty Vehicle Accidents

By any metric, firefighters have dangerous jobs. According to the National Fire Protection Association Fire Analysis and Research Division, in 2008, 103 firefighters (on duty) lost their lives. On average, around 105 firefighters a year die in the line of duty.

Causes of fatal firefighter accidents

A 10-year analysis found that the following cause most harm to firefighters:

  • Work-related motor vehicle crashes
  • Accidents during training
  • Accidents during fireground or firefighting operations
  • Underlying medical issues exacerbated by overexertion and/or stress
  • Helicopter/air tanker malfunctions
  • Commuting to EMS calls (and other emergency calls) in personal vehicles

Fire engine drivers may be granted leeway to skirt typical traffic rules during emergency response. For instance, an engine with its lights flashing and sirens blaring can proceed through a red light (albeit with caution); whereas other vehicles on the road obviously may not do so.

Firefighter-related traffic accidents in Indiana, therefore, can get quite legally complicated. An experienced Indianapolis firefighter injury attorney may be able to help you determine how to pursue action against the party or parties responsible for your injury.

Multiple variables will determine your legal options, including:

  • Whether you were on or off duty at the time of your accident
  • Whether you drove in a fire engine or in your personal car
  • Whether you or anyone else disobeyed training or rules of protocol
  • Whether any equipment malfunctioned or was otherwise defective


Confidential legal consultation

Indianapolis firefighter injury attorney Randy Sevenish is a former police officer who now represents personal injury clients in Indiana. He can provide a free consultation to you regarding your firefighter vehicle accident matter.To learn more about the firm, call 1-800-278-9200 to get fast and accurate help with your injury matter.

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