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If you were injured as a result of an accident, a strong legal advocate can forcefully represent you in an attempt to pursue recompense. At Sevenish Law Firm, our accomplished Marion County injury lawyers are here to help you. We represent individuals injured in accidents across the State and are we are regularly retained in the following situations:

Auto Accidents: Unfortunately, by simply getting in your car you are risking being involved in a car wreck. As distractions within cars increase, the number of accidents goes up. Our Marion County attorneys regularly handle auto accident cases involving a number of different situations, including T-bone accidents, rear-end collisions, texting while driving, and drivers who have run red lights.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist, the sheer size of a passenger car can make any collision extremely dangerous. These accidents can happen even if you are paying attention, following traffic laws, and wearing reflective clothing. These mishaps often result in broken bones, head injuries, and sometimes death. Our Marion County lawyers can help you understand your rights as a pedestrian or bicyclist and can explain how insurance claims work in these situations.

Motorcycle Accidents:
Members of our legal team are avid motorcycle riders and we know that even the most diligent motorcycle rider can be injured in an accident. We are strong advocates for our motorcycle clients and use our personal experiences to help our clients pursue the compensation they deserve.

Trucking Accidents: Commercial vehicles are involved in nearly 25% of all motor vehicle accidents, despite the fact that they make up less than 5% of the vehicles on the road. Trucking accidents can be particularly devastating regardless of the speeds or conditions involved because of the difference in size between a commercial truck and a passenger car. At Sevenish Law Firm we regularly handle accidents involving commercial trucks and will protect your rights every step of the way.

Accidents involving drunk drivers: Auto accidents involving drunk drivers are especially tragic because they are completely avoidable. The choice to drink and drive is particularly selfish and can have life-altering consequences for the driver, his or her passengers, and any other people involved in an accident. Because Mr. Sevenish’s former career was in law enforcement, he understands how devastating these accidents can be and works with each of his clients to ensure their rights are protected and their voices are amplified through strong attorney representation.

Medical Malpractice Claims: Suffering an injury as a result of medical negligence or as a result of an accident can be particularly upsetting. Many people feel violated and unsure of the medical profession after an accident. At Sevenish Law Firm we go to great lengths to investigate how the accident happened. We provide representation to clients involved in medical malpractice claims throughout Marion County.

Construction Accidents: The day-to-day risks for those involved in construction trades are very high. Falls, broken bones, and amputations happen all too regularly. There is often a question of whether a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim is appropriate in these cases. If this is your circumstance, our capable Marion County injury lawyers can help you pursue the appropriate claim against the correct parties after a construction accident.

At Sevenish Law Firm we offer free, no-obligation consultations to anyone who has been injured as a result of an accident. Please contact us at 800-278-9200 to discuss your case.

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