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Compassionate and Aggressive Representation from an Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Rides

At Sevenish Law Firm PC, we know motorcycles. Our Indiana personal injury attorneys and staff are avid bikers. But we admit our joy of motorcycling is dampened by the tragedies our firm routinely handles. We know that even the most experienced rider, wearing full protection, must constantly be vigilant for the negligent driver or dangerous road hazard.

Indiana Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 119 riders and passengers were killed in Indiana in fatal motorcycle accidents in 2008. In addition, some 2,500 motorcycle injuries were projected in Indiana that year.

Nationwide, motorcycle deaths have more than doubled in a decade, from 2,294 in 1998 to 5,290 fatalities in 2008. Why?

  • More motorcycles. The number of registered cycles in the U.S. rose 50 percent from 1995 to 2008 (now nearly 7 million).
  • Bigger bikes. Average engine size rose from 841 cc in 1995 to 1,015 cc in 2004. Larger cycles are harder to maneuver in avoiding a crash.
  • Older riders. The average age has increased, and bikers over age 40 have the highest fatality and accident rates. Evidence suggests “Baby Boomers” as a group (a) are choosing larger cycles, (b) are less experienced riders, and (c) have slower reaction times than younger riders.
  • Helmet laws. Helmet use has dropped to about 50 percent nationwide as several states softened motorcycle helmet requirements in recent years. Of 2008 fatalities, about two-thirds were not wearing a helmet.


Motorcycle Injuries

When a motorcycle collides with a car, truck or fixed object, the motorcycle is at a distinct disadvantage. With no “steel cage,” seatbelts or airbags for protection, the NHTSA reports that 4 out of 5 motorcycle crashes result in injury to the rider and/or passenger.

Sevenish Law Firm knows the heartbreaking aftermath of motorcycle crashes. They frequently result in traumatic brain injury or other catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, amputation of limbs, spinal cord injury and third-degree friction burns. Other common but serious injuries include shattered and fractured bones (pelvis, legs, arms, face), permanent nerve damage and loss of use, disfigurement, motorcycle road rash, and eye injury.

Compensation for Indiana Motorcycle Accidents

Many serious injury victims will never walk again, work again, or enjoy the same life activities they did before the accident. An Indiana personal injury claim for damages seeks to compensate for the financial burdens and emotional effects of a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of others. You can collect for:

  • lost income
  • medical bills
  • future medical needs
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of quality of life
  • inability to function as a whole person
  • disfigurement, deformity and permanency of injury

Our attorney, Randy Sevenish, negotiates firmly with the other driver’s insurance company for the full and fair compensation you deserve. If a reasonable settlement can’t be reached, he’ll take the case to a jury.

Every case is prepared for the possibility of a trial. We send investigators to gather photos, videos and witness statements at the crash scene. We hire experts to reconstruct the accident and determine future financial needs. And we may employ “day in the life” video documentaries that show the horrible effects on the victim and family members, from the time of the accident through surgery and therapy.

Notable Case

One recent case, and one of the most satisfying, involved our client, a Kokomo, Indiana man. He suffered severe orthopedic injuries (multiple broken bones) in a collision with a car. Our high-tech, all-day presentation included a high-impact video documentary and other visual exhibits. Mr. Sevenish settled the case with the negligent driver’s insurance company for $950,000.

Motorcycle accident claims involve complex legal matters, from technical medical considerations to insurance coverage issues, including comparative fault and uninsured motorist policies.

Your Motorcycle Accident Questions Answered

A large part of what we do is call upon our extensive knowledge of motorcycle accident law to set your mind at ease by answering your questions. Information is a valuable commodity, and our motorcycle injury attorneys have the experience and resources to address any accident situation we may encounter. Chances are, we have already dealt with a case that is very similar to the circumstances of yours. We are your source for information and can answer your common questions, such as:

Why Should I Hire a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

We Ride. We Know What to Look For.

The attorney and staff of Sevenish Law Firm PC know the dangers a motorcyclist faces, because we ride too. We ride, we understand motorcycle injury law, we understand bikers and bikers trust us. We’ve encountered near misses ourselves and handled so many motorcycle injury claims that we know the questions to ask:

  • Was the other driver impaired by alcohol or drugs?
  • Was the other driver distracted? (Driver inattention is the leading cause of Indiana motorcycle accidents – 23 percent.)
  • Were they obeying traffic laws? (unsafe speed, failure to yield, improper turns, and crossing the center line are major factors in many cycle crashes.
  • Did an object (e.g. dead animal) or hazard (pothole, uneven pavement) lead to the crash?


We’re Here To Help

Contact an Indiana motorcycle accident lawyer whose firm is founded on service to clients. We aggressively fight for your rights, while supporting you in your recovery. Call 800.991.4370 toll-free throughout Indiana.

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