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    We have experienced and dedicated Indianapolis personal injury attorneys and staff, who will work hard to get you the financial compensation and benefits you deserve for your injuries.

    Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation with insurance companies for being aggressive and fighting for the rights of our clients. We are there for you every step of the way. We will meet with you where and when it’s convenient for you and ensure that you understand what legal options you have available. You’ll feel comfortable knowing our Indianapolis accident lawyers are working for you. There is no fee unless we win your case. You can trust Sevenish Law just as thousands of other accident victims have trusted us.

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    Our practice has come a long way since the beginning, but it has only gotten
    stronger. Here, find out more about our personal injury law firm in Indiana, including our core
    values, our law firm’s history, and other details about our practice.

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    We Fight For You So You Can Focus On Your Recovery.

    If you or a loved one is struggling due to another’s negligence, the Sevenish Law Firm is here
    to help. Our Indiana personal injury lawyers can immediately review your case, explain your
    rights and options, and aggressively pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve for your
    losses. Please contact our Indiana personal injury lawyers by phone or through our convenient
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    always respond to calls within 24 hours.

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    The Personal Injury Claims Process

    Seek Medical Treatment

    Following a collision, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Be sure to express all symptoms and complaints you may have, no matter how big or small they are at the time. Without proper medical documentation, the complaints that you had will not be able to be presented to the adjuster for consideration during the negotiation phase of the claim.

    Hire an Attorney

    Sevenish Law offers a FREE CONSULTATION in person or by phone with one of our experienced Indianapolis injury attorneys to discuss your case.

    During our initial consultation, we will review your case with you and evaluate the best approach to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury.

    The Sevenish Law Difference is our pledge to provide you with the best representation by aggressively pursuing all the compensation you are due from your losses.

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    Working on Your Case

    The Sevenish Law team begins working your case immediately, and gathering necessary information/documents. This includes:

    • Contacting the insurance companies and claims adjusters.
    • Gathering accident reports and police photos, taking witness statements, obtaining accident scene and property damage photographs, and the use of video documentation.
    • Confirming your medical providers and gathering medical records, exhibits and affidavits or a medical video statement from treating physicians.
    • Identifying and investigating issues regarding any and all insurance coverages, policy limits, and benefits available, including health insurance benefits.

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    Communication with our clients is key to our success.

    • From your first meeting, we provide you with a complete understanding of the claims process, what you can expect throughout the process, and what we will need from you to be successful.
    • You will also receive several letters from our office with detailed explanations on how to handle medical bills, medical payments through your own auto insurance, and the process of your case.
    • Our paralegals communicate with your treating physician and healthcare providers on your condition, recovery, and prognosis.
      We contact you monthly to review your treatment status and provide updates on your case.

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    Settlement Phase

    • Once you have been released by your primary physician, our team will obtain medical treatment records, medical billing, and loss wage information. In addition your primary doctor will prepare a narrative on your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
    • Lastly all liens (health insurance, hospital, and medical providers) will be confirmed.
    • A settlement demand package is prepared and the client is advised about the potential “value” of their claim with an attorney.
    • The demand package is sent to the claims adjuster or defense attorney.
    • Your Indianapolis personal injury attorney begins settlement negotiations with the claims adjuster or defense attorney.
    • The insurance company’s final offer is presented to you, for your final acceptance or rejection, after a detailed analysis and discussion with your lawyer.

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    Potential Lawsuit

    If a final settlement offer is not accepted, a lawsuit will be filed with the client’s permission and full understanding.

    98% or more of all cases settle without going to court. If a lawsuit is filed, a costly and lengthy litigation process begins and the post settlement phase will be delayed for several months, if not years. Some select cases shall require a lawsuit in order to seek justice and to protect a client’s rights. Even if a lawsuit is filed, 99% of those settle amicably once the case has been properly postured by the firm.

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    Post Settlement Phase

    Once a settlement has been accepted (or a lawsuit completed in the client’s favor) the post settlement phase begins. This includes:

    • Negotiating liens and protected medical bills to increase the client’s net recovery.
    • Settlement documents are received, reviewed, and presented to client for signature and then returned to the insurance carrier for processing.
    • The check from the insurance company is deposited to a trust account for 5 business days per bar rules.
    • Disbursement is prepared for client’s review and signature.
    • The client receives final settlement check and a copy of their file upon execution of all settlement documents.

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    Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

    Accidents occur daily in Indiana and throughout the country. For people seriously injured in these accidents, life can seem to turn on a dime. One minute they’re going about their business just like any other day and the next, they’re injured and facing a long recovery—and probably a mountain of unexpected medical expenses. With this in mind, our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys can assist with a variety of different types of cases including:

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