Mathew Foresythe

Matthew Forsythe

Attorney/Of-CounselBefore going to law school, Matthew Forsythe spent many years working as a teacher. The skills he developed in that profession benefit him in his work today.

Matthew’s role with Sevenish Law Firm primarily involves drafting pleadings in personal injury and wrongful death claims. He also works with clients through the discovery process, prepares for settlement conferences, and tries cases before juries. His work often involves identifying and overcoming challenging legal issues.

“I think my experience as a teacher really helped me to understand how to break down complicated issues into smaller parts, so that people can understand what is going on,” Matthew says.

Helping Other People, Putting Clients First

Matthew grew up in Michigan City in northern Indiana and graduated from Purdue University in 1986 with a degree in German. He stayed in West Lafayette and earned Masters of Arts degrees in German Linguistics in 1989 and Russian Literature in 1993.

After working as a teacher and in the area of immigration, he went on to attend the Salmon P. Chase College of Law near Cincinnati, Ohio, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 1997.

He became licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Kentucky and spent 10 years of his practice in the southern Indiana and Louisville area, concentrating on personal injury, wrongful death and premises liability cases.

“I like being a lawyer because I have always wanted to be in a field where I could help other people,” Matthew says. “I like people. So, what I enjoy most about my job is my daily interactions with clients.”

Sevenish Law Firm always puts its clients first, Matthew says.

“Where some lawyers and law firms are motivated only by their respective profit margins, this firm consistently places client satisfaction before profits,” Matthew says. “That’s a rare and refreshing approach in this profession.”

Family Comes First

Matt married his wife, Deanna, in 2005. She earned her nursing degree in 2012 and became a registered nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the Oncology Department.

They are the proud parents of three young children – Madison, Brigham and Katherine Grace – and enjoy spending as much time with them as they can.

The family enjoys hiking, boating, swimming, fishing and a wide range of other outdoor activities.