Regina Sevenish

Regina Sevenish

Business/MarketingRegina Sevenish, wife and best friend of the law firm’s founder, Randy, are partners in so many ways. They have and continue to share business ventures, fun activities in and outside of the legal arena and enjoy a wonderful family. She enjoys being involved in the public relations, marketing and educational aspects of the firm because of the opportunity to meet with,  educate and genuinely help people in need.

Her background includes attending Indiana State University, holding positions as an educator & counselor at the Indiana State School for the Deaf, as well as in public relations, marketing, management and sales in a variety of business arenas including the health & fitness industry and in serving as General Manager and co-owner of the Sevenish Training Center, Inc., an award winning martial arts school named one of the “Top 100 Martial Arts Schools in the U.S.”

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Her most prized accomplishment is having been blessed with two outstanding daughters, Alyssa and Abby. In previous years they enjoyed and weathered teaching together at the family-owned martial arts school and now they enjoy riding their Harley Davidsons together. The girls have made her proud, and continue to make her proud in their many accomplishments.

Already an avid biker with her husband, she enjoys being involved in many different capacities in the bike community, such as events and activities throughout the State of Indiana. She can appreciate and relate to fellow bikers and how they feel not only from lessons learned from the firm’s own tragically injured clients but from her own “close calls”  such as when a driver “rides your tail,” doesn’t use turn signals or pulls out in front of you “as if you don’t exist.”As a result, she remains committed to the education of the general public with regard to motorcycle safety issues.

She is actively engaged in and is always seeking opportunities to provide educational information to those who have a concern for traffic safety, especially motorcycles, bicyclists, vehicle owners and operators, young teen drivers and programs involving seniors, “boomers” and in the Christian population.

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Her favorite things, aside from shopping of course, are riding her “Fat Boy” Trike with her husband, family and friends, entertaining, riding horses, staying in shape by bicycling, practicing Qigong and eating as an Alkalarian. She also enjoys gardening and is proud to have a “green thumb.” She remains the proprietor of and is continually planting trees and flowers, for the purpose of expanding her gardens for the birds, bees and butterflies. And last but not least, she loves training and playing with her extended “animal family” which includes many dogs, cats and birds.

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