This I believe

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This I believe, we all naturally have hearts of servants starting with me. I consider myself just this rather than...

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I hired the Sevenish Law Firm. Now what?


| So now that you’ve hired Sevenish law firm most things are out of your hands. You will deal...

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What is a lien?


| A lien is something that is placed against a settlement from a hospital, a medical provider, health insurance....

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What do I do with medical bills?

Car Accident, General

| After an accident you’re going to receive many medical bills in the mail.So once you receive those medical...

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What is Med Pay?

Car Accident

Medpay is something that you purchased through your own auto policy. So along with the other coverages of uninsured and...

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What is a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury?


| TBI is our brain injuries caused by trauma by an external force that can be categorized as either...

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What do I do if I’m involved in a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian Accidents

| Whether you’re walking across the street in a so-called designated crossway or if you’re in the middle of...

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Can I sue for pain & suffering after being injured on the job?

Workers Compensation

 (317) 636-7777 | Whether you can file a claim for pain and suffering will, of course, depend upon...

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How should I select the right lawyer?


(317) 636-7777 Well first of all selecting the right lawyer is very subjective to be honest with you and a...

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Do I need a lawyer for a workers’ comp claim?

General, Workers Compensation

In Indiana, there are first-party workers’ comp claims and there are third-party workers’ comp claims. Generally speaking, a person would...

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