9 Independence Day Injuries And How To Prevent Them

9 Independence Day Injuries And How To Prevent Them


The Fourth of July is a time for Americans to show their patriotic side by attending parades, barbecues or one of the many firework shows in and around Indianapolis. It’s also a good time to remember that although you should enjoy the holiday to the fullest extent, safety should always come first.

The following nine Independence Day injuries can be avoided under many circumstances if safety tips are followed:

  1. Fireworks injuries

    Fireworks and Independence Day go hand in hand. What would the Fourth of July be without a fireworks show? Although fireworks bring much happiness and joy on the Fourth, some are brought misery due to fireworks-related injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 240 people on average go to the emergency room with fireworks-related injuries every day of the month surrounding the Fourth of July. Why risk it when there are plenty of professional firework shows in and around Indianapolis?

  2. Swimming accidents

    Many Fourth of July festivities take place near a pool, lake or other body of water. Always remember to stay vigilant when near water, especially when children are present. Children aged 1-4 have the highest drowning rates, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, and most drownings occur in home swimming pools. Make sure that one adult is designated to be on watch at all times.

  3. Boating accidents

    Boating is always a popular activity during the summer in Indiana, and especially on the July 4 holiday weekend. According to the CDC, 347 people die every year in boating accidents. In addition, in 88 percent of boating deaths that involved drowning, the victims were not wearing life jackets. Always wear a life jacket and remember to avoid drinking alcohol while boating, as alcohol is a factor in 1 in 5 boating deaths.

  4. Grilling injuries

    The National Fire Prevention Association reports that July is the peak month for grill-related fires. In a typical year, 16,900 patients go to the emergency room due to injuries sustained in grilling accidents. Keep yourself, your friends and your family safe by always checking your gas grill for leaks. Always keep flammable items away from the grill and store propane tanks in a cool environment.

  5. Food poisoning

    According to the CDC, 3,000 Americans die and another 128,000 fall ill every year due to food-borne bacteria. This year, when celebrating our nation’s independence, ensure that you and your family exercise proper food-handling practices. This includes keeping surfaces and hands clean, separating raw meats from other foods, using a food thermometer when possible and keeping food at a safe temperature. After an hour in the sun, virtually any food can become dangerous.

  6. Amusement park injuries

    Amusement parks are a fun attraction during the summer, however, they can also be the cause of serious injuries and even death. If you and your family visit an amusement park this holiday, ensure that you follow the safety guidelines of all rides, such as height limits and keeping your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

  7. Drunk driving accident Injuries

    Drunk driving is the cause of many injuries and deaths each year in Indiana. Due to the fact that many Independence Day gatherings involve alcohol, be on the lookout for drunk drivers and call law enforcement if you believe that you see a drunk driver on the road. If you plan to drink, arrange a sober ride home in advance.

  8. Car accident injuries

    The Fourth of July falls in the middle of what is known as the “100 deadliest days of summer.” The name comes from the fact that there is a spike in fatal accidents during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Be extremely vigilant when it comes to observing the behavior of other drivers and follow safety precautions closely in order to avoid an accident. Never drink and drive and ensure that you are not distracted or drowsy behind the wheel.

  9. Poisoning

    Children are at risk during the summer holidays due to unexpected sources of poisons, such as those found in candles, tiki torches, Fourth of July decorations and unattended alcoholic beverages. Ensure that all dangerous substances are kept out of reach of children at all times. If you are unsure whether a product can cause children harm, play it safe and place the object well out of their reach or lock it away in a cupboard.

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