Common Child Injuries in Indianapolis

Common Child Injuries in Indianapolis

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child suffering a serious injury or tragic death. When the injury is preventable, and is the result of an act of child negligence, it is time to take legal action against the party who failed to protect the life and health of your child.

At Sevenish Law, we serve as counsel in child injury cases, and we would like | Sevenish Lawto speak with you about what happened, and help you to file a claim or child injury lawsuit to pursue justice and full compensation. We work closely with families who are suffering through the unfortunate outcome of an act of negligence that led to an injury to a child. You can trust us to have your best interests and the future health and wellbeing of your child as our sole focus at every step of the legal process.

Common Child Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control reports that every hour, one child dies from an injury, and about one in five of all child deaths is injury related. Every four seconds, a child is treated for an injury in an emergency room somewhere in our nation.

The agency reports that the most common types of child injuries leading to injury or death in the U.S. include:

A large percentage of these injuries are preventable. When another party has failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of your child, and your child suffers an injury or dies as a result, legal action should be taken against that party, whether a school, caregiver, daycare center, or another party.

Once the accident has occurred, there is no turning back time, but it is vital that justice is pursued. If your child has suffered a serious injury and another party was at fault, it is important that you speak with us immediately. We will do everything possible to protect your right to compensation and to pursue the maximum in damages, based on the facts in the case

Child Injury Statistics

As an average, 12,175 children from the ages of 0 to 19 die each year from unintentional injuries, with transportation accidents as the leading cause of death for children. The number of children killed in car accidents increased by 233 percent between 2012 and 2013—a shocking rise.

Drowning was the leading cause of death for children one to four years old – read our tips on swimming safety. It’s estimated that 9.2 million children are taken to an emergency room after an injury each year. Falls account for more than 50 percent of non-fatal injuries to children. Animal bites are also a serious problem affecting children, and dog bite cases can be very serious, leaving permanent scarring to a child’s face, neck, and upper body or in the most tragic cases, result in death.

We Can Help Your Family

If your child was injured in a traffic accident, a fall, an incident while under the care or supervision of another party, or due to the failure of any product, our firm is prepared to help you to seek justice. Let us review the situation and advise you of your rights, and how we will proceed in your case. We offer a free case consultation to any parent who is dealing with the aftermath of a child injury, and you can trust us to give your case the full attention of our firm.

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