Injuries From Automotive Manufacturing in Indiana

Injuries From Automotive Manufacturing in Indiana

Here in Indiana, the automotive manufacturing industry plays a major role in our community and economy. Whether you work for Rolls Royce in Indianapolis or the Subaru plant in Lafayette, you deserve protection from workplace hazards and support when you experience harm.

If you were injured in a work-related automotive manufacturing accident in Indiana, contact our experienced Indianapolis workers’ compensation attorneys at Sevenish Law Firm to discuss compensation and explore your legal options.

Commonly Reported Injuries in the Automotive Industry

Although there are regulations automotive manufacturers must follow to promote workplace safety, injuries can occur despite these measures. Some commonly reported injuries in the automotive industry, such as breaking an ankle after slipping on a wet floor, can impact any worker in a manufacturing facility. You could face dangers related to your specific role as well. For example, if you are a welder you should be wary of molten metal and UV radiation.

Crushed limbs

Heavy machinery accidents can cause crushing injuries, nerve damage, broken bones and impairment. In some severe cases, amputation may be necessary. Using forklifts, conveyor belts or machines with moving parts puts you at risk of crushed hands or limbs.

Your employer must maintain machinery, provide protective gear and train you on the safe use of equipment.

Chemical exposure

Harsh chemicals, including paints and solvents, can severely damage your skin, eyes or respiratory tract after exposure. Also, some chemicals might increase your risk of developing chronic health conditions later in life.

Your workplace should have proper ventilation and safety cabinets as well as personal protective equipment like gloves, goggles and masks. Furthermore, your employer should inform you of the appropriate use and storage of chemicals.

Head injuries

Auto manufacturer injuries that involve your head, brain or central nervous system can have ongoing complications. If you experience a concussion or other traumatic brain injury, you could experience motor difficulties, sensory issues and mental health symptoms. Spinal injuries can even lead to paralysis. As a manufacturing worker, you might experience a head injury after falling from a height or tripping on an unsecured cable.

Automotive manufacturing facilities should be organized and clean with proper lighting to keep employees safe.

The Impact of Workplace Injuries

Commonly reported injuries in the automotive industry, such as broken bones or head injuries, cause more than just pain. For instance, if you have a hand injury, you might struggle to grasp objects or drive a car. Injuries can be burdensome for your family as they can complicate childcare and basic household tasks.

Your injury could cause you to miss work and lose income. This can compound the stress of medical expenses. Likewise, the pain and loss of ability associated with your injury might contribute to mental distress and anguish. The trauma of the accident can also harm your emotional well-being.

Damages in Workplace Injury Cases

If another party’s wrongdoing or negligent behavior contributed to your injury, consider filing a lawsuit. For example, if a subcontractor at your workplace acted in an intentionally unsafe manner that contributed to your accident, a personal injury lawsuit may be appropriate.

You can also file product liability claims if defective equipment used in manufacturing processes caused you harm. In addition, you can take legal action if you file a workers’ compensation claim and the insurance company tries to deny you coverage.

Our legal team can take on major companies on your behalf and fight for damages to help you manage the expenses and hardships associated with your injury. General compensatory damages cover the pain and suffering you experienced due to your injury as well as any psychological anguish that affects you and your loved ones.

There are also special compensatory damages that address costly medical bills and lost income associated with commonly reported injuries in the automotive industry.

How To Report Auto Manufacturer Injuries

It is best to inform your supervisor, safety representative or manager of a workplace injury as soon as possible. This is helpful because your employer must document all commonly reported injuries in the automotive industry. In addition, reporting your injury can benefit you if you decide to file a claim or pursue future legal action.

You should accurately and concisely describe the accident’s circumstances and the injury you sustained. It is essential to be truthful and record all of your symptoms.

Visiting your healthcare provider promptly after your accident is also a good idea. Not only can early medical attention help with treatment, but it also creates an official record of your injury. You should also develop your own documentation by taking photos, writing down your experience and recording videos. Additionally, you can ask for the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident that caused your injury.

Reporting your injury in a timely manner enables you to file a workers’ compensation claim. You could also file a complaint with OSHA to address concerns regarding workplace safety. Furthermore, you might consider taking legal action against a third party to obtain fair compensation and cover your expenses.

Consultations for Auto Manufacturing Injuries

A workplace injury in an auto manufacturing facility can be a life-changing event. If you or a loved one suffered an auto manufacturing injury, we can help. Our team at Sevenish Law Firm in Indianapolis can help you determine a course of action that suits your situation. Furthermore, your lawyer can guide you through the claim process and defend your rights and interests. To discuss your case further, contact us for a consultation today.

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