Do I need a lawyer for a workers’ comp claim?

In Indiana, there are first-party workers’ comp claims and there are third-party workers’ comp claims. Generally speaking, a person would not necessarily need to have a lawyer if it’s a first-party workers’ compensation claim unless the person has significant injuries and there’s the potential of dipping into the Indiana workers’ compensation fund for future medicals.

If the person has a first-party workers’ compensation claim and they have a permanent condition, but they’re not going to have future treatment, then they should at least have their case run by a first-party workers’ compensation attorney.

At Sevenish Law Firm we don’t handle first-party workers’ compensation claims, but we can certainly refer you to someone that is highly capable. Whenever you have a case like this, whether it’s a first-party or even a third-party, we would be happy to entertain your questions, to give you advice as to whether or not you would need a lawyer in either scenario.