Do I need a lawyer for an uninsured or underinsured motorist accident?


One of the most common questions I get here at the Grossman Law Firm is that, “I went to the hospital, I was taken there by ambulance after my car accident or truck accident, they diagnosed me with cervical sprain or lumbar sprain or something like that. They may have given me a few x rays. The question is, am I going to be okay? Does this mean that I’m fine?” That’s actually a common misconception because a hospital is really only concerned about the major trauma. They want to make sure that you didn’t fracture any bones in your vertebra,right in your cervical lumbar spine.

What we really worry about is the long term effects from things like dis carnations in your neck or in your lower back. That isn’t something that the hospital is usually going to discover. They’re going to discover that when you follow up with the physicians and you do physical therapy and eventually you get MRIs. MRIs are the gold standard for your physicians to understand exactly what’s going on inside your spine

The reality is that this is potentially very serious, long term permanent injury and nobody on the treatment team, nobody in the hospital have suspected that’s what you had but over time, you may learn unfortunately, that you got worse instead of better. In which case if that does happen, it’s obviously very serious. That is why here at the Grossman Law Firm we specialize in these types of claims, these types of injuries. If you have any questions whatsoever, you’ve been in a car accident, trucking accident, you don’t know where to turn, please call us at the Grossman Law Firm, here in New Jersey. That’s what we’re here for.