I hired the Sevenish Law Firm. Now what?

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So now that you’ve hired Sevenish law firm most things are out of your hands. You will deal directly with us and through us, except for regarding property damage. Property damage, will be handled by you directly. You can find out the value of your car through NADA or Kelley blue book, so you will handle all that part and then any questions you have you run through the firm. Other than that your main focus at this point is to treat, follow your medical plan, follow your treatment plan any questions you have to call us and discuss it with us.

You don’t talk to anyone outside of the firm regarding the accident, is all held within the firm. And then once you get better released than that point you let us know and we’ll start the process needed to send out the demand package to the adjuster so they can evaluate your claim. But after you’ve hired us all, you have to do is contact Sevenish and we will guide you through the steps there’s, not much that you need to handle.