Indiana Cycling Safety Tips

Indiana Cycling Safety Tips

Drivers: Do you know that you have to give bicycles on the road at least a 3-foot wide passing zone?

Bicyclists: Do you know that you have to ride responsibly and follow the rules of the road?

In 2015, 818 bicyclists were killed on U.S. roads – the highest total since 1995. However, only 3% of fatal bicycle crashes occur in bike lanes with the remainder of roads shared with other vehicles. Clearly, bicycling safety and preventing accidents is a mutual responsibility between bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers.

3-Foot Passing Zone – It’s the Law in Indianapolis

Although Indiana is one of the few states that does not have a “safely passing bicyclists” law, Indianapolis does. When passing a bicycle, a vehicle’s driver must pass at a safe distance of not less than 3 feet between the vehicle and the bicycle.

Also, in Indianapolis, cars and other vehicles are not allowed to stand or drive on bicycle pathways. Motor vehicles are only allowed on a bicycle lane to make a turn or enter or leave a private road, alley or driveway. When on a designated bicycle path or lane, these vehicles must yield to a bicyclist. (information from

Tips for Bicyclists for Sharing the Road Safely

The League of American Bicyclists neatly outlines the Rules of the Road for safe bicycle riding:

  • Follow the law and obey stop signs and traffic signals. Ride with traffic in the rightmost lane.
  • Ride predictably so other vehicles and bikes know your intentions. Don’t swerve – stay in a straight line. Signal all turns and check behind before changing lanes or making a turn.
  • Ride where you can be seen. Avoid the blind spots at the sides of cars and trucks. Wear bright clothing and equip your bicycle with reflectors as well as a front white light and red rear light. Stay off of sidewalks.
  • Ride defensively and anticipate what pedestrians, other vehicles, and other bikers will do. Stay outside the door zone of parked cars. Go across railroad crossings only at a right angle and watch roads for potholes and debris.
  • Make sure your bike is in tip-top shape before heading out. Check tire inflation, brakes, and chains. Always wear a helmet.

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