Major Pileup In Plainfield Resulted In Minor Injuries But Major Lawsuits

Major Pileup In Plainfield Resulted In Minor Injuries But Major Lawsuits

A whiteout on I-70 caused nearly 40 cars and semi-trucks to pile up Thursday. Most injuries were minor, but former police officer and injury lawyer Randy Sevenish says victims still have grounds for seeking out compensation and a lawsuit may not even be necessary.

Whiteouts can be a commuter’s nightmare, and I-70 was a crowded place Thursday afternoon as workers left early and tried to beat the weather home or headed to the airport. Traffic stalled and, as visibility worsened, drivers ran into the cars ahead of them—leading to a chain reaction pileup involving nearly 30 vehicles.

State troopers say that 20 semi-trucks and 15 smaller vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened at low speeds and led to no deaths luckily. Several victims were taken to hospitals for treatment, with one in critical condition. Other injuries reported were minor, according to Fox News 59.

But Randy Sevenish, an Indianapolis injury lawyer who limits his cases to auto, truck and motorcycle crashes, says there are still grounds for victims to file an insurance claim seeking compensation making the filing of a lawsuit not necessary in most cases.

“The most common injuries in a car crash are not always obvious at first are known as ‘soft-tissue’ injuries as opposed to obvious fractures or injuries causing bleeding,” Sevenish said. “Whiplash and other serious neck and back injuries can take days to weeks to really set in. A lot of people who walked away from this will be in the doctor’s office by Valentine’s Day.”

Sevenish says victims in this kind of accident often don’t know what to do when involved in a crash and make the huge mistake of trying to handle the claim on their own thinking they are saving money—when in reality are damaging their own claim causing them to be victimized twice.

“The cost of medical bills, and the days you have to take off from work, can be disastrous,” he said. “It can be frustrating because you don’t feel like it was anyone’s fault. But if you were injured, it’s important to talk to an experienced injury lawyer. You are not alone.”

About Randall Sevenish:

Randy Sevenish is the founder of Sevenish Law Firm, and a tireless advocate for victims’ rights. A former law enforcement Captain and SWAT team commander, Sevenish entered law practice in 1985. Since then, he has helped clients receive compensation for injuries and losses against tough odds, and never bills a client unless successful on their behalf.

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