Marion County Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Marion County Motorcycle Helmet Laws

According to a 2017 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, your chance of suffering a fatal crash while riding a motorcycle is 29 times higher per mile compared to driving a standard car. The same study found that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle decreases the chances of suffering a fatality after a crash by 37 percent and reduces the frequency of brain injury by 67 percent.

Despite this, Indiana’s state laws concerning the use of motorcycle helmets are wide open, and the vast majority of riders in Marion County are never required to wear a helmet. Still, it is recommended that all riders in Marion County take steps to protect themselves, starting with the use of a safety helmet while riding. If you have any questions regarding Marion County motorcycle helmet laws, contact a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney at Sevenish Law Firm.

State Regulations on the Use of Motorcycle Helmets

Marion County motorcycle helmet laws are relaxed, which is why most bikers are not required to wear a helmet. Indiana Code §9-19-7-1—the only law in the state that speaks about this matter—affirms that only motorcycle riders under the age of 18, whether they are the operator or a passenger, must wear a helmet approved by the US Department of Transportation.

The statute also states that these riders need to wear glasses, goggles, or have a shield included in their helmet. Furthermore, the police have the right to pull over a rider suspected of being under the age of 18 whom they see riding without a helmet. If the police are correct in their assumption, they can issue a ticket for a Class C infraction, which may be accompanied by heavy fines and appears on that person’s driving record.

The only other people who must wear a motorcycle helmet in Marion County are those who are operating motorcycles under a learner’s permit. According to Ride Safe Indiana, this helmet must meet the same requirements as those used by minors.

Reason to Wear a Helmet

While most bikers are not required to wear a helmet under Indiana law, it is highly recommended by well-established lawyers that they do so. Riding a motorcycle can provide people with a sense of freedom, but it can also be dangerous to even the safest and most skilled riders. People who ride without taking the simple step of wearing protective gear are risking their health unnecessarily.

Any time people get on the road, they place lives life into the hands of others—and even if everyone drives according to all the rules of the road, accidents do happen. People should take every possible precaution to protect their well-being, wearing a helmet or other protective gear could be a key part of that process for a motorcycle rider of any age or skill level.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Are Not Restrictive

Marion County motorcycle helmet laws and throughout Indiana are lax compared to those in many other states. Almost everyone has a choice regarding whether or not they choose to wear a helmet. The only exceptions to this are riders under the age of 18 and those holding a learner’s permit.

Still, it is recommended strongly that all bikers wear a helmet whenever they get on their motorcycles. These simple pieces of equipment have a profound effect on the chances that an accident results in serious injury or death. You should take every precaution to protect yourself against bad luck and the actions of others. Wearing a helmet is a strong step in the right direction.

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