How Police Officers Can Protect Themselves In Personal Injury Cases

How Police Officers Can Protect Themselves In Personal Injury Cases

In many ways, those who risk their lives to protect others are not only heroes, but saints. Much like St. Michael, the archangel who led God’s armies, police officers work every day to ensure citizens are safe.

When an officer is injured in the line of duty, medical bills are only the beginning.

Officers can suffer permanent damage that can end or severely limit their careers.

For that reason, the compensation they receive from their employers may not be sufficient, requiring them to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

Understanding Local Law

Each state has its own set of laws pertaining to personal injuries of law enforcement officers, so it’s important to check before pursuing compensation. An attorney can check the statutes as they apply in an officer’s specific area, but in many states, officers have the right to ask for compensation in the event an injury limits their future career possibilities.

It’s important that officers feel supported in the work they do. If for instance, an officer feels that he or she may not be protected if an injury does occur, that officer may think twice before taking risks. In some cases, officers feel compelled to take those risks even when it doesn’t fit within their general job descriptions, especially if those risks involve saving lives. An officer responding to a severe traffic accident, for instance, might feel compelled to risk injury in order to pull an injured victim from a vehicle. If compensation does not cover an injury that occurs in those instances, a personal injury will step in.

Fighting for Heroism

When seeking the help of a personal injury attorney, it’s important that officers find an attorney who champions the work they do. When legal counsel truly believes in a client’s cause, that legal counsel will fight passionately to ensure the officer is compensated sufficiently.

In some cases, the person being held liable is a member of the public who stood in the way of an officer doing his job. For instance, the criminal who led the officer on a dangerous police chase that ended in an accident, or the criminal who physically assaults an officer in order to evade arrest. In many cases, the actions not only harmed the officer but put other members of the public at risk. By seeking out a personal injury attorney, these officers are able to uphold the integrity of the work police departments do each day.

Personal injury attorneys work with a wide variety of clients. But being able to represent the heroes of society is an honor. In doing so, attorneys can have a positive impact on the community by protecting the people who work hard to uphold the law.

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