Randy Sevenish’s Thoughts On The Carnival Cruise Ship Tragedy

Randy Sevenish’s Thoughts On The Carnival Cruise Ship Tragedy

Thousands of passengers and crew on the cruise ship Carnival Triumph finally debarked, after spending five days in what passengers described as toxic conditions, reported CNN. Passengers will likely want to sue, said Indianapolis personal injury lawyer, Randy Sevenish.

Passengers of the ship claimed they were left with cabins in total darkness, non-functional toilets, sweltering temperatures, raw sewage and long waits for food, CNN said.

“Those conditions sound horrific and worthy of significant compensation. But it’s tough to sue a cruise line for a number of reasons. One of the cruise line ticket conditions is that class action lawsuits are not allowed. A number of allegations are also excluded by the terms and conditions of the ticket,” said Sevenish.

“However, passengers can sue if they suffered real physical injuries,” he added. “For example, if a person broke a leg in a slip-and-fall accident in the darkness.”

The possibility also exists for passengers to sue over physical illnesses, like the ones caused by Noroviruses.

Emotional distress claims are barred by the ticket.

The Triumph was left adrift off Mexico’s Pacific coast after a fire in an engine room. The ship was in its third day of a scheduled four-day cruise from Galveston, Texas to Mexico when the accident occurred, according to CNN.

The investigation into what went wrong started on Sunday, as soon as the fire was reported, Patrick Cuty, a senior marine investigator for the U.S. Coast Guard, said on CNN. Allegedly, the Triumph had similar mechanical troubles that delayed a cruise in January. The complete probe will take approximately eight to 12 months to complete.

Carnival offered to give each passenger a full refund for the trip, credit for another cruise, $500, and a free flight home, said CNN.

“They deserve more,” Sevenish said. “This doesn’t even take into account the possibility of lost wages.”

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