How Safe Is The New Water Slide At The Wave Water Park?

How Safe Is The New Water Slide At The Wave Water Park?

Opening day for a new water park in Dublin, California went terribly wrong for a 10-year old boy.

The youngster slid right off the 3-story Emerald Plunge water slide and slammed into the concrete exit next to the slide. Amazingly, the child was able to walk away from the water park accident with only minor injuries.

The $43 million The Wave water park located 35 miles from San Francisco had only been operating for 90 minutes on its opening day – May 27th – when the incident occurred. Riders of the water slide are instructed to lay flat with their arms and legs crossed, but the boy’s legs appeared to be apart.

Just a few weeks before the opening, the new slide had been inspected by the state, which found 17 safety issues including loose bolts and cracks in the channel structure. These problems were reportedly corrected before the opening and the park passed its final inspection, receiving the required permit. As of now, The Wave park has reopened but the slide will remain closed until this incident can be fully investigated.

Water Park Accidents Can Be Deadly

This story had a happy ending, but that is not always the case with a water park accident or an amusement park accident.

Water slides are involved in about 86% of reported water park injuries. Riders can be hurt while on the slide and also when impacting the pool at a high speed or colliding with other participants. Common injuries from inner tubes that flip over can cause cuts, fractures and traumatic brain injury. Other water park injuries include dislocations, falling off the slide, getting trapped, choking and water inhalation. Tragically, some of these accidents result in a park visitor’s death.

If you or a member of your family has been injured at a water park or amusement park, you may have the right to sue the property owner or manager for your losses. This type of legal case is called a premises liability injury. Generally, you must show that your injury was caused by the negligence of the property owner or manager. The manufacturer of equipment that may have contributed to your injury, for example, the Emerald Plunge water slide in this case, may also be a party in a legal action.

We Can Help If You Have Been Hurt at a Water Park

If you or a family member has been injured in a water park accident or any other type of premises liability accident or personal injury, please contact the Sevenish Law Firm immediately. Our experienced attorneys will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Please call us for a free consultation. Attorney Randall Sevenish, personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, will fight to secure justice for you and your family. You can reach us at 800-278-9200 or contact us via the website.

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