Sevenish Law Announces the Winner of the Surviving and Moving on After a Motorcycle Accident Scholarship

Sevenish Law Announces the Winner of the Surviving and Moving on After a Motorcycle Accident Scholarship

Keagan Landrum is the winner of Sevenish Law Firm, P.C.’s Surviving and Moving on After a Motorcycle Accident Scholarship. The firm’s founder, attorney Randall Sevenish, is an avid motorcyclist. His firm created the $2,500 scholarship for incoming and current college students who believe in motorcycle safety and can share how they or someone they know survived a motorcycle accident.

Student athlete and scholar Landrum is a freshman accounting student at Purdue University in West Lafayette. He will use the award toward his tuition and other expenses. The scholarship essay topic resonated with Landrum because he knows someone who survived a serious motorcycle accident – his father. His dad suffered serious injuries in the wreck when Landrum was three years old.

Summer Morning Brings Chance Encounter With a Deer

Landrum explains in his scholarship essay that his father, a high-school industrial arts teacher, also worked part-time at an Indiana motorcycle repair shop. There, he repaired recreational ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. The busy shop was so popular that it attracted customers who would drive two or three hours to have their vehicles serviced.

One early summer morning, Landrum’s father repaired the back tire of a Honda CBR 600 Smokin’ Joe Race Replica sport bike before taking it out on a test drive to ensure he repaired it correctly. During this run, he drove the bike down a mile-long stretch of road and then turned around to bring it back to the repair shop.

Then, the unexpected happened.

“He was about to pass a thick fence row when a large buck jumped out of the brush directly into his path. He didn’t have time to grab the brake,” Landrum shares in his scholarship essay.

Landrum continues, “The front of the bike impacted the buck just in front of the back leg. The back of the bike lifted off the road, and Dad launched over the deer. He landed with his arms extended, palms out, on the road. The impact caused his arms to collapse, and much of the impact was absorbed by the face shield of the helmet he was wearing.”

‘He Slid 200 Feet Down the Road’

Landrum also writes, “The face shield was ripped off the front of the helmet, and Dad began to roll on his side, with his arms over his face in the fetal position. As he slowed down, he was able to sit up and slid into the ditch, baseball-style. All told, he slid over 200 feet down the road.”

Landrum shares that a relative heard the sudden stop of the motorcycle’s engine and got help for his father. A passing motorist also called 911 upon seeing what happened.

Father Spent Several Months Recovering From Third-Degree Burns, Swelling

Once Landrum’s father got to the hospital, the family learned about his condition.

“Dad had third-degree burns from his elbows to his fingertips on both arms, third-degree burns on the back of his left leg, severe damage to the tissue of his left knee, and heavy swelling in his ankles. Remarkably, he was able to walk from the wheelchair into the burn unit lobby,” Landrum writes.

His father was able to return home on the same day of the accident and spent the summer recovering from his injuries. Still, as Landrum shares, his mother, also a teacher, had three people to care for at the time, as Landrum was young and his sister under a year old.

Landrum’s father couldn’t use his arms or hands, so he couldn’t dress himself or do other everyday tasks. Also, the swelling in his ankles required bandage changes several times daily to reduce scarring and prevent infection.

Dad’s Life-Saving Tip: Wear a Helmet

Landrum says his father believes wearing a helmet on that fateful day saved his life.

“To this day, whenever Dad meets someone who rides any type of recreational vehicle, he encourages them to wear a helmet. He would almost certainly not have survived without a helmet and says that nothing gained from not wearing a helmet is worth more than your life,” says Landrum

Landrum’s Plans Include Becoming a CPA and Having a Family Someday

Landrum excelled in academics and sports while attending North Huntington High School. He finished with a 4.15 grade-point average (GPA), played varsity football for three years, and served as team captain. He also played two years of varsity baseball and served as a student athletic board member.

As Landrum completes his studies at Purdue, he is considering double-majoring and adding a bachelor’s degree in finance. He also has his sights set on becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) and earning other financial certifications. “I am enjoying it, especially the huge variety of jobs that I can work with the education I am pursuing,” he says. He will graduate from Purdue in May 2026.

After graduation, he plans to return to his hometown in Huntington County, Indiana, where his family lives. As he considers his future career plans, he knows he wants to have a family.

“I hope to eventually have a family and provide a great life for them just as I have been provided for,” he says.

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