Start Motorcycle Riding Season Out Right And Fine-Tune Your Riding Skills

Start Motorcycle Riding Season Out Right And Fine-Tune Your Riding Skills


As you gear up for spring riding, you’ll be busy inspecting your motorcycle as well as your riding gear and helmet. Whether you perform your own tune-up or ask your favorite mechanic, it’s important to have your bike in tip top shape before you venture out on the road.But how about your riding skills? Could they use a tune-up too?

Refresh Your Skills With a Rider Education Course

Even if you have years of motorcycling experience, it’s a great idea to recharge your riding skills after a long winter without biking.

Ride Safe Indiana is our state’s approved motorcycle safety program. Its mission is to train more bikers and educate motorists in order to reduce motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

Ride Safe Indiana offers both basic and advanced courses. The Basic RiderCourse is for beginners and follows the non-profit Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s curriculum including 5 classroom hours and 10 hours of actual riding exercises. Your coaches will cover fundamental topics like operating the controls, safety gear and how alcohol and drugs impair riders.

Experienced riders can always benefit from the skill refreshers offered in the Advanced RiderCourse. This one-day course can help fine-tune the skills necessary for traveling safely in traffic. You’ll review:

  • Balancing the physical and mental requirements for safe riding
  • Increasing your visibility
  • Optimizing your lane position
  • Managing risk
  • Crash avoidance
  • Improved braking
  • Cornering finesse
  • Rider responsibility
  • Motorcycle care and inspection
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol on riding

Both the basic and advanced courses are available in Indianapolis as well as at many locations throughout Indiana. Look here to find a RiderCourse near you.

It’s Spring – Watch for Hazardous Road Conditions

It’s been a tough winter and our road conditions may be sub-par after lots of freezing and thawing. Watch carefully for potholes and the road crews repairing them. Watch your speed and always wear protective clothing including a helmet in case you unexpectedly hit a bad patch of road.

If you’re looking to explore new territory with your bike, check out these best Indiana motorcycle routes from

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