Steps Following an Indianapolis Side-Impact Collision

Steps Following an Indianapolis Side-Impact Collision

If you feel overwhelmed thinking about the steps following an Indianapolis side-impact collision, know that you do not have to take them on alone. A qualified car accident attorney could offer you their assistance by guiding you through the necessary procedures in order to protect your ability to receive injury compensation. By helping you find a proper medical treatment facility and handling all communications with the relevant insurance companies, a lawyer could help you focus on your own medical recovery. Read on to learn more about the different steps following an Indianapolis side-impact collision, as well as the ways a professional attorney could assist you today.

Seeking Proper Medical Treatment

The first steps following an Indianapolis side-impact collision include seeking medical treatment as soon as possible, whether one goes to the hospital ER at the time of the accident or see their primary care doctor afterward. An individual needs to make sure that their doctor identifies any issues that may not be immediately noticeable, such as internal organ damage or symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. It is significant not to automatically assume that one is in perfect health after an accident and relay this information to the police officer or insurance adjuster. These statements will then be taken down in the police report or recorded by the adjuster, and can be used against an individual when attempting to recover compensation in the future if a latent symptom arises.

Speaking to an Insurance Adjuster

Other steps following an Indianapolis side-impact collision will involve retaining the assistance of a skilled accident attorney. The lawyer will speak directly to the claims adjuster on behalf of the injured party. Even in situations involving one’s own insurance company in an uninsured motorist claim, an attorney can still be on the phone with them or have a private conversation with them ahead of time to prepare them for the meeting. This can help an individual protect themselves from being taken advantage of when an insurance company attempts to record a statement.

Ultimately, interviews with insurance adjusters are taped and transcribed, giving them ammunition to potentially hurt the injured party’s case. Being guided through this by an experienced accident attorney will ensure the answers provided will still be honest and truthful, but worded in such a way that the insurance adjuster will be satisfied with their statement.

Role of a Professional Car Wreck Attorney

Know that a dedicated lawyer can help guide you through the proper steps following an Indianapolis side-impact collision in order to ensure that their ability to recover injury compensation is protected. For example, you should always call the authorities after an accident so that they can take down what happened in an official police report that can be used as valuable evidence to establish the liability of the party at fault. You must not hesitate to seek medical treatment after the accident because if a large amount of time takes place between the accident and seeing a doctor, an insurance company could grow suspicious.

An adjuster could claim that you did not immediately see a medical professional because you were not truly injured at the scene of the accident, and simply incurred an injury later. In order to help you build the strongest case possible by establishing liability and linking your injuries to the accident, a professional injury attorney can potentially maximize your compensation package. Consider scheduling your initial consultation with a dedicated accident attorney at Sevenish Law Firm today.

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