Electric Scooters, Fun? Or Trip to ER? You Make the Call.

Apr 10, 2019 2:24:59 PM / by Haide Vitali posted in pedestrian safety, Scooters, Scooter safety, street safety, street rentals


Scooter start-ups, like California-based scooter providers Bird and Lime are popping up all over Indianapolis and are attracting massive interest from young and old riders alike. This trend is an attempt to transform urban transit, following the successes of ride-hailing and bike-sharing companies like Uber and the Pacers Foundation bike ride program downtown. But a growing number of critics say the devices may look like toys but can offer the same degree of harm as any other motorized vehicle on the road, only without having to comply with safety regulations. Some may say electric-scooter fleets are poorly maintained by a loose-knit flock of amateur mechanics, making them prone to dangerous mechanical failures. As much fun as a scooter ride sounds, injuries from riding a scooter are increasing. Just imagine, (the typical scooter rider does not wear a helmet nor has access to one when they decide to rent the scooter) a scooter rider is going 15 miles per hour hits a pothole, loses control and is thrown off and lands on their head wearing no helmet. That’s enough force to send you to the emergency room. And let’s face it, there’s snow, rain and potholes all over Indianapolis right now. For this reason alone, citizens using this mode of transportation should follow the City of Indianapolis Advised safety practices and laws of the road. Drivers and scooter riders alike might not be completely clear on the rules for scooter use. Here are the current rules for riding electric scooters in Indianapolis, plus what safety features the scooters need to have. Indianapolis Electric Scooter Laws: Any company operating an electric scooter service must secure a license to operateLicensed companies must pay a fee of $15,000 per year, plus $1 per scooter per day. This is to pay for law enforcement and the maintenance of bike lanesCompanies must provide open information to the city, including usage figures and scooter serial numbersAll scooters must be equipped with lights, a pedometer, and either a bell or a horn.Licensed companies must hold liability insurance to protect the city, which would otherwise be liable for any accidentsScooter operators must also maintain a 24-hour service line: Bird: 1-866-205-2442, Lime: 1-888-546-3345 We at the Sevenish Law firm see the use of electric scooters in our city as a growing mode of transportation. We want you to be safe. Please always wear a helmet while riding a scooter. We understand the details of each accident and injury are complicated, we are here to serve as your advocate and help you should you be involved in an injury related to riding a scooter. lectric Scooters, Fun? Or Trip to ER? You Make the Call.

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