Things You Should Know About Hit and Run’s in Indiana

Things You Should Know About Hit and Run’s in Indiana

Being involved in a hit and run can turn your life upside down; you may face personal traumas or be legally liable under Indiana law. A hit and run accident which causes serious physical injury and even death is considered a felony and it is vital to understand the hit and run laws in Indiana to know your rights.

A hit and run, also known as, “failure to stop” or “leaving the scene”, happens when a member of the accident leaves the scene of the collision. It is against Indiana law to leave the scene of an accident without giving correct information and assistance to the other parties involved. The information you must provide in an accident includes the following:

  • Provide your name, address, and registration to the other drivers involved or a responding police officer
  • Show your driver’s license to other drivers or a responding police officer upon request
  • Assist the other drivers by providing first aid or obtaining help for their injuries if needed

Indiana law states that any individual who is involved in an accident and damage is done to a vehicle, has the legal obligation to stop as soon as possible. If you cannot stop immediately, you must return to the scene as soon as possible.

The outcome of a hit and run accident which resulted in injury or even death may lead to the defendant being charged with a felony. An Indianapolis car accident lawyer can explain what may happen to the at-fault driver in your particular case. Each felony is dependent on circumstance, but the most common for hit and run accidents are:

  • A class 2 felony may be charged to someone who’s accident caused physical harm or death.
  • A class 3 felony can be charged if the defendant didn’t cause the accident but still left the scene of the crime.
  • A class 5 felony can be charged to other hit and run accidents that don’t cause serious injury or death.

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