This I believe

This I believe, we all naturally have hearts of servants starting with me. I consider myself just this rather than just another “stuff-shirted – legend in his own mind lawyer” and people appreciate that once they realize it. I attended law school while a Captain / SWAT Team Founder & Commander for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office while beginning to build an injury law practice until my practice was so large.  I retired from the Sheriff’s Office in order to be better able to take care of and to serve my clients.

Significant law enforcement experiences with the public and while investigating motor vehicle crashes from that perspective was instrumental in not only giving me instant credibility as an injury lawyer but gave me an insider’s view of handling all aspects of accidents. In addition, after handling thousands of injury cases now over 34 years I believe it’s fair to say I have the respect of my clients as well as insurance companies and their adjusters, opposing counsel, mediators and judges as indicated. We prepare each case as if it is going to trial and thus – I have been told because of the effort of our staff, we tend to get larger settlements for our clients, and such is our reputation I am certain.

To be very clear, our staff is and must continue to be outstanding in order to work here. They must have empathy in their voices from the first call to the closing of a case. In result, clients tend to love our staff. And it’s not a phony thing just because that’s the way I want it done – clients are people and we work for them and it IS the right thing to do. That’s what I’ve done in my life and that transfers over to my occupations – whether in law enforcement serving the public, as a karate sensei teaching/serving my students or injury lawyer serving my clients and families not to mention being able to at least in part support my staff as well and their families. These are just some examples of “The Sevenish Law Difference.” This I believe, we all naturally have hearts of servants starting with me.

Randy Sevenish