What do I do if I’m involved in a pedestrian accident?

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Whether you’re walking across the street in a so-called designated crossway or if you’re in the middle of the roadway more likely than not you’ll have suffered a significant traumatic injury. And you need someone seasoned that’s on your side because invariably if you contact the insurance company they will simply deny your claim and most people walk away from that. You want to have a seasoned law firm that is experienced in handling cases like this because there are ways to develop your case so that liability can be established. Because a driver that’s driving down the roadway he has an obligation to pay attention for people like you. Whether it’s a person crossing the street because it’s reasonably foreseeable that people don’t always cross conveniently right at a corner. So if you’re involved in such a crash. I want you to feel free to call our office, so we can give you our take on whether or not you have a claim that we can prove on your behalf.