What do I do with medical bills?

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After an accident you’re going to receive many medical bills in the mail.So once you receive those medical bills you will then make sure they’ve been billed to health insurance and once they’ve been billed to health insurance and processed you then will get a balance due.

And any balance due is the client’s responsibility or a patient’s responsibility.The third party company will not pay those bills so in those cases they can then be sent to med pay to be paid by your med pay which is covered by your auto insurance, or you will pay those bills yourself with a payment plan. Or some providers will accept a letter of protection from us so here at the firm we will assist you with those bills in the best way possible.

If you do not have health insurance then you will apply for financial assistance
through the medical facilities. Most providers office have something if they’re affiliated with a larger network if they’re not then in that case that’s where you make payment plans or we’ll send a letter of protection on your behalf.

So when paying your medical bills if you ignore them and do not make
payments then your bills will end up going into collections. So to avoid that
you need to make payment arrangements or ask for financial assistance or forward the
bill to us, so we can advise you the best way to handle it.