What is a fair settlement for a car accident?


Well, first of all, every case is literally different, and if any person or lawyer gives you their opinion with regard to what your case is worth early on, they have just committed legal malpractice, because to answer that question, it has to be based on a variety of factors. It will include factors surrounding fault or damages and type of an insurance coverage you have et cetera, and all of these things affect each other.
We needed to identify all potential defendants, all potential insurance policies before we can end up giving a client, a range of value. Then we will always want to demand a number higher than the high range of reasonable, because clearly, we know that the adjusters is going off around their low end, then as we go back and forth in this so-called negotiation process, then we’re going to know what the case would end up getting a valued add. if you want further information on this subject, please feel free to go our website @sevenishlaw.com