What is a lien?

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A lien is something that is placed against a settlement from a hospital, a medical provider, health insurance. And in some cases if your in arrears with child support they can also attach a lien to a settlement. So to avoid the lien being placed against your case, what you need to do is to have it billed to health insurance.

And if you don’t have health insurance, apply for financial assistance. And then when it comes to provider bills. Be very leary of anyone giving you a document that says I need to sign this.

Because what their doing is saying I won’t pay in full and bill your health insurance. So the best thing to do is make sure your bills are handled efficiently through health insurance.

And the balances due are paid.Now there’s also a potential of a med pay lien can be placed against it.But it is subject to a reduction for having an attorney, and we at the office will handle all of the reductions at the end of the claim.

So when it comes to the liens, you want to make sure that you have those taken care of. Hospital liens are statutory, that actually lessens the amount that you’re able to cover because of that Hospital lien.

Based on the end of statue, so if that is covered by health insurance.Then we’re able to make sure that lien’s not placed against your settlement.