What kind of motorcycle insurance coverage should you have to protect yourself if you are involved in an accident?

May 14, 2019 12:23:00 PM / by Shannon Majors


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As a fellow rider let me be as straight and upfront with you as I possibly can. Many of you know me through the State of Indiana for our State-Wide Injury Practice and educational programs. That said; you know very well I am not one to “sugarcoat” anything.

Many of you already know this: bikers and motorcyclists are being shafted up one side and down the other all over the country, whether by claims adjusters, the insurance giants, juries and in large part by themselves! They are being victimized TWICE: Once by the wrongdoer and/or the motorcyclist not having sufficient insurance coverage.

You will find more information in our book about this, but for purposes of this article I will discuss the two most important types of coverage you can have. Do NOT carry only minimum coverage on your motorcycle. When a biker goes down it normally results in bad injuries and minimum coverage will not be sufficient compensation. It is likely that the wrongdoer themselves will not have sufficient coverage, and in those cases you will need to rely on your own uninsured/underinsured policy to seek compensation. It is VERY important that you get those “responsible” insurance coverage plans BEFORE you have an accident.

Uninsured coverage will protect you if the person who caused you to lay down your bike does not have insurance coverage. If the person who caused the accident does have coverage, Underinsured coverage will cover you through your UIM (underinsured) policy. This portion of your policy will kick in when your damages are more than the available liability policy limits (wrongdoers insurance).

Listed below are the recommended “responsible” minimum insurance coverages YOU should carry on your motorcycle policy:

Liability Coverage:

                                Per Person      Per Accident

Bodily Injury Limits: $250,000       $500,000

Property Damage Limits: n/a         $25,000

Medical Payments: $25,000 (or higher if you have no health insurance & is payable to rider/passenger regardless of fault)

Umbrella Liability Coverage:

                           Per Person          Per Accident

                            n/a                       $1,000,000

Uninsured Motorists (UM) Coverage:

                            Per Person           Per Accident

Bodily Injury Limits: $250,000            $500,000

Property Damage Limits: n/a Equal to Value of Vehicle

Underinsured Motorists (UIM) Coverage:

                             Per Person          Per Accident

Bodily Injury Limits: $250,000         $500,000

Excess/Umbrella Coverage with Um/UIM Coverage:

                            Per Person          Per Accident

                            n/a                         $1,000,000

**Note: Your individual situation may differ from above.



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