What to Do After a Minor Car Accident in Indiana

What to Do After a Minor Car Accident in Indiana

Many people assume the worst when they think about getting into a car accident. But the reality is that many minor car accidents happen every day and don’t require extensive repairs or medical attention. You may not know what to do after a minor car accident, which is why you should follow these simple steps.

One step you should take after a minor crash is to hire an Indianapolis car accident lawyer to represent you. Sevenish Law Firm is a fierce protector of the injured and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Steps to take after a minor car crash

Call 911

After a car accident, as long as you are physically able, the first step you should take is calling 911. The 911 operator will contact the police and an ambulance and send them to your location.

The police will file a report, investigate, and help to secure the scene of the accident. If you are injured, you should seek medical care or have the ambulance take you to the hospital to get checked out. Even minor car injuries like bruising and whiplash can be the result of something more serious, so it is a good idea to see a doctor.

Exchange information

After getting into a car accident with someone, exchanging information with the other involved driver is always important. This includes exchanging insurance information, contact information, and the license plate number.

Having this information allows you to get in touch if there is something that needs to be sorted out. It is also essential for your lawyer to have this if you want to get compensation for the accident.

Document the accident

If no one is in immediate danger, it is a good idea to document evidence at the scene of the accident. The easiest way to do this is to photograph any bodily injuries, property damage, vehicle damage, and the location of the collision.

If you want to file a claim to receive compensation later on, this kind of evidence is going to be important for building your case.

Get somewhere safe

Depending on the extent of the car accident, everyone involved needs to get somewhere safe and out of the way. For minor accidents where there is very minimal vehicle damage, you can usually drive your car to a safe location.

This is ideal since having a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road creates a greater risk of other collisions.

Just make sure you stay close by the scene of the accident and drive to the same location as the other driver. This will make it easier for the police and ambulance to find both of you if you have called 911.

Hire an attorney

After handling all of the details of what to do after a minor car accident, there are also steps you need to take after leaving the scene. The main thing you need to do is hire an attorney who can represent your vehicle accident case.

An experienced lawyer can help you collect evidence and decide if you should pursue a personal injury claim.

Do minor car accidents have to be reported?

In the state of Indiana, you are legally obligated to report a motor vehicle collision that resulted in injury, death, or entrapment. You must report these kinds of vehicle accidents to law enforcement as well as file a police car accident report if there was property damage besides damage to the vehicles.

Because of this, minor car accidents may not need to be reported if they do not meet these requirements. However, it is important to remember that you need to file a police report if you want to receive compensation after the accident.

Do you have to report a minor car accident to your insurance company?

If you own a vehicle, it is very likely that your automobile insurance company requires you to report any accidents. If that is the case, you are obligated to report even a minor vehicle accident, no matter who was at fault. Even if you aren’t required, it is still a good idea to report any accidents if you want to take legal action.

To report a car accident to your insurance company, all of the information is available on your insurance card. If you also want to report a minor car accident to the police, this will automatically happen if you call 911. When the police arrive, they will file a police report since they have to document any accidents they are called to.

You also need to file an accident report within ten days of the accident occurring. In general, it is ideal to take all of these steps as soon as possible instead of waiting too long.

Contact Sevenish Law Firm for Car Accident Representation

No matter what kind of car accident you have been in, you may qualify to receive compensation for injuries or damages. If that is the case, there are certain things you need to do, such as reporting the accident and hiring a trusted car accident or personal injury attorney.

If you need an Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer, contact us today at Sevenish Law Firm by messaging us online or calling us directly at 317-720-3229.

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