Passenger In Car Crash Gets Settlement For Injured Wrist

Vehicle Crash Female, 43 High Six-Figure Settlement. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was being operated by her son. Another vehicle attempted to pass their vehicle and lost control, colliding with our client’s vehicle. Our client was holding on to the handrail in the vehicle at the time of the collision. The force was so strong she ripped the handrail out of the roof of the car. She injured her right wrist, which was her dominant hand. Our client was a substitute teacher and due to the injury she sustained, she had to stop substitute teaching. She suffered a ligament tear in her wrist and had multiple surgeries. She ended up having a bone removed from her wrist, however, she lost significant range of motion and continues to have significant pain. She had to alter her daily living activities due to her injuries. Although we were working with her own insurer, they were disputing the level of her injuries and damages. We were able to settle this claim through Mediation for a high six-figure settlement.