Victim Of Bicycle Accident Obtains Settlement Of Six Figures

On the date of his accident, our 56-year-old client was riding his bicycle. As he traveled into a crosswalk where he had the right of way, a driver made a left-hand turn and struck him. Our client was thrown from his bike onto the hard pavement, causing him to suffer severe injuries on the left side of his body.

His injuries were serious enough that he had to be hospitalized for a few days. He underwent surgery for a fractured shoulder blade. After being released from the hospital, he needed several months of physical therapy and follow-up doctor appointments. While he’s made a partial recovery, he still has some residual impairment.

Randall Sevenish Convinces Insurance Company to Settle for Six-Figure Settlement

In this case, there was no argument about liability. However, the negligent driver’s insurance company disputed the seriousness of our client’s injuries and the value of his claim. Randall Sevenish was prepared. He reviewed our client’s medical records and obtained statements from attending physicians regarding his treatments and prognosis. Using this information, Mr. Sevenish convinced the insurance adjuster to settle our client’s claim for a six-figure settlement. The settlement helped our client pay his medical bills and get on with his life.