Our Clients First® Guarantee

We know that many people are skeptical about turning to a lawyer for help. To help ease their concerns, we are proud to offer our Clients First® Guarantee. We want people to know that our law firm will and in fact guarantees to:

  • Offer a “Clients First” and not a “Lawyers First” culture.
  • Accept cases only if we believe the client is better off economically with a lawyer when compared to handling the claim alone without legal fees.
  • Be straight and honest with you regardless of whether you even need a lawyer.
  • Return all client calls on the same day or within 24 hours.
  • Update clients regularly about their case.
  • Provide prompt attention and outstanding client service.
  • Give our clients our deepest respect as individuals.
  • Always be truthful, straight and upfront with clients about their case.
  • Explain their rights and options in plain terms (no legal mumbo jumbo).
  • Ensure our clients make the ultimate decisions in their case.
  • Provide clients with fair and reasonable written fee agreements that are clear.
  • Never ever collect more in legal fees from a verdict or settlement than our clients get.
  • Provide a 30-day “Happiness” Guarantee and will return your file at no cost to you.
  • Help you find another skilled and capable injury lawyer to assist you.

Please note: While in the vast majority of claims a client’s best interests are served with legal help, no lawyer or law firm can ethically promise or guarantee results of the outcome of your case and neither can we.

We do GUARANTEE that even if you don’t like us for some reason, we will help you find another lawyer in your area if you want us to. Or we will give you a list of names of other highly skilled and capable injury lawyers with integrity and experience if you prefer. We can make these Guarantees and offers because this is truly a Clients First® office and it is the “right thing to do.” Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Experience, Toughness, all for the Client. Clients just come first here. You have my word.


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