When Should I Contact a Lawyer After my Indianapolis Car Accident?

Knowing the right steps to take in the immediate aftermath of an auto accident can make or break an injury claim. While it is common for victims to be overwhelmed by the pain, confusion, and frustration they may feel after an accident, contacting an Indianapolis car crash lawyer immediately following the incident may make the difference between obtaining fair compensation and struggling to cover mounting medical bills and other expenses.

How an Attorney Can Help Indianapolis Car Accident Victims

An experienced Indianapolis automobile accident lawyer can assist victims with critical tasks including evidence gathering, accident investigation, and negotiation with insurance carriers.

Time is critical in terms of collecting and maintaining strong support for claims, and it can be difficult for injured parties to know precisely where to turn. An attorney well-versed in Indianapolis auto accident cases can help by:

  • Securing photographic evidence of the crash site
  • Speaking with all available witnesses
  • Documenting medical symptoms and assembling all records of treatments received, testing performed, and rehabilitation services recommended
  • Collecting details of missed workdays, relevant pay rates, and other details of wage claims
  • Handling communication with insurance carrier personnel

Gathering Evidence

The sooner a person contacts an injury attorney following a car wreck in Indianapolis, the greater the likelihood that vital evidence will be properly collected, catalogued, and made available for use in settlement discussions with insurance adjusters and lawyers.

This will serve to strengthen a claimant’s argument for a range of compensation types, including payment for medical bills, physical pain, emotional distress, ongoing rehabilitation and therapy, lost wages, and diminished earning potential.

Speaking with Insurance Carrier Adjusters

Many accident victims may be of the belief that the other party’s negligence and responsibility for the harm they sustained is so obvious that a proper insurance settlement is essentially a given.

On the contrary – insurance adjusters are universally motivated by a desire to minimize and undermine claims as much as possible. It is their job to take a recorded statement from the victim and have that person sign papers – all to use against the victim when offering a lower settlement than may be fair. Anyone who lacks the assistance of an attorney may be viewed by the insurance agents as easily manipulated into accepting far less than may be deserved.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer in Indianapolis represents injured parties in dealing with the insurance carrier. From statements to paperwork to negotiating, an attorney works to provide insurance carriers with the appropriate information and documentation with the goal of settling the claim fairly.

A Car Accident Lawyer Aggressively Advocates for Indianapolis Victims’ Rights

As provided by Indiana Code §34-11-2-4, the time for filing suit following a car accident is generally limited to two years. Therefore, for anyone harmed in a car wreck in Indianapolis, it is in their best interest to contact a skilled car crash attorney and begin settlement negotiations as soon as possible.

If you suffered an injury in a collision and are wondering why you should contact a car accident lawyer immediately after your crash, the answer is simple: At Sevenish Law, we can fight to secure a better settlement from the insurance company for you.