Can You File A Hit And Run Accident Claim Without An Attorney?

Can You File A Hit And Run Accident Claim Without An Attorney?

At Sevenish Law Firm, P.C., we strongly recommend that you consider hiring an attorney who handles only personal injury claims instead of trying to file a hit and run accident claim without an attorney. This type of case is often complex—even identifying the at-fault motorist can be difficult. in some cases, you may file a claim based on your own insurance policy.

A personal injury lawyer who regularly handles hit and run accident cases and other types of motor vehicle accidents knows how to build a case and navigate the claims process on your behalf. This leaves you free to focus on your physical recovery.

Should I File a Hit and Run Accident Claim Without a Lawyer?

Handling an Indianapolis hit and run accident claim can sometimes be very different than taking on another type of auto accident case. It is imperative you understand all your legal options and weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision. In this way, it can be difficult even to identify which insurance policy is responsible.

Identifying Damages

If a hit and run victim chooses not to hire a lawyer or enlists the help of a discount “jack of all trades” attorney, they run the risk of getting a much smaller than deserved settlement because they do not know how to identify, value, and document all the damages related to the accident.

Working with Insurers and Attorneys

Even if they never identify the at-fault motorist and you file a claim based on your own uninsured motorist policy, it is important to know how to work closely with insurance company representatives and their lawyers. Because personal injury attorneys handle this type of case every day, they are comfortable and assertive in negotiations to get their clients a fair settlement value.

Net Payouts Matter More Than the Percentage You Pay

Whether or not representing yourself (pro se representation) saves money depends on the net payout you receive when:

  • Negotiating a settlement on your own
  • Paying a discount “jack of all trades” attorney a discounted rate
  • Paying a personal injury attorney the standard 33 ⅓%

While it may seem logical that not having to share the payout with an attorney is the best choice, this is not always the case. An attorney who handles only personal injury cases and takes on this type of negotiation regularly may be able to identify hidden damages and use their experience and know-how to your advantage.

Sharing a little more of a much larger pot may result in a larger net payout, meaning you take home more compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and more.

Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. Will Review Your Case for Free Today

At Sevenish Law Firm, P.C., we offer free, no-obligation consultations for the victims of Indiana hit and run accidents. After 34 years of handling only personal injury cases, we know the ins and outs of this type of case. We know the common causes of hit and run accidents, how to work with police to identify the at-fault motorist or get the necessary documentation about the accident, and how to go after the payout you deserve.

Trust someone who takes on this type of case every day. Our team understands the loopholes and pitfalls of the state’s auto accident insurance laws, your options for filing a claim in a hit and run accident, and more. We also negotiate liens for our clients regularly. This includes super liens with ERISA plans, Medicare, and more.

Let our team go to work for you today. You generally only have two years under Indiana law to try to recover compensation from this type of claim and decide if a personal injury lawsuit is possible or necessary.

Talk to an Indianapolis Hit and Run Accident Attorney About Your Case

At Sevenish Law Firm, P.C., we want to see you and your family recover the largest payout possible based on the facts of your case. If you enlist our help on your Indianapolis hit and run case, we will thoroughly investigate the accident, aggressively pursue the at-fault motorist when possible, and hold them responsible for their actions. You may have options even if we cannot identify the driver and hold them accountable.

We sincerely hope you will consider letting our team represent you in your hit and run accident case. We have fought for the rights of personal injury accident victims for more than 30 years and have thousands of satisfied clients. Call 317-720-3229 today to schedule your free case review with a member of our team.

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