How Much Do Accident Lawyers Charge?

Injuries regularly cause victims to sustain a host of unexpected financial burdens and immediate monetary strain. As such, injured parties often doubt whether they can afford legal representation to help them secure the compensation they deserve.

However, an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer with The Sevenish Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis. Under a contingency fee arrangement, clients owe no legal fees to the attorney unless or until a positive result is achieved in their case, allowing them the freedom to pursue justice without fear. The clients we represent have nothing to lose and everything to gain in pursuing a claim.

Key Facts About Contingency Fees

The operation of a contingency fee arrangement in an Indianapolis personal injury matter is relatively straightforward. After a potential client and lawyer reach this type of agreement, the attorney will incur the expenses involved in a lawsuit such as deposition costs, filing fees, the cost of copying medical records, expert witness fees, and more until the end of the process.

Upon commencement of a contingency fee arrangement, the parties will agree in writing to the portion of the eventual recovery the lawyer will receive for work performed on the case. In some situations, the agreement will provide that the attorney will receive a larger portion of the recovery should the matter go all the way to trial.

If a settlement or jury award is ultimately received, the expenses already paid by the attorney will be deducted from the client’s share of the recovery and the remainder paid to them, as articulated in the original agreement.

How Contingency Fee Arrangements Benefit Individuals

Accidental injuries happen when people least expect them and often when they are ill-equipped to handle the financial storm that inevitably results. For these reasons, contingency fee arrangements provide victims who lack sizable monetary reserves the opportunity to pursue accountability and compensation from those whose negligence harmed them. This type of agreement offers access to legal advocacy that otherwise would be unavailable to many who suffered, or are suffering, through no fault of their own.

An additional benefit of contingency fee arrangements is the incentive and motivation they create for the lawyers who enter them. Because their payment for hours worked and their reimbursement for expenses already paid depend solely on securing a beneficial result, attorneys compensated in this way have every reason to fully dedicate themselves to the cause.

Facilitating Access to Justice in Indianapolis

The devastation brought about by a serious personal injury or accident in Indianapolis can be life-altering not just for the victims, but also for their entire families. Physical pain, lasting disability, wage loss, and emotional trauma can cause ripple effects that are difficult and perhaps impossible to ever fully overcome.

No one who has suffered an injury due to another party’s negligence should ever let the expense of obtaining skilled legal representation stop them from passionately pursuing the compensation to which they are entitled.

Securing the Help of an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer on a Contingency Fee Basis

If you suffered an injury and believe another person’s negligence is to blame, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek the resources and vindication your circumstances demand.

If you are concerned about the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney, call The Sevenish Law Firm today to discuss how we fight for client’s rights on a contingency fee basis, and how we may be able to assist you.