What is a Lien? How can an injury lawyer get liens reduced?

What is a Lien? How can an injury lawyer get liens reduced?

What is a Lien?

A lien is a claim held by a company or other entity against your settlement for reimbursement of medical bills, wage loss, and other damages they have paid on your behalf as a result of your accident. A lien is similar to a loan and must be eventually paid back out of your settlement. Lienholders in accident and injury cases are typically med-pay insurance, health insurance, and healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, physical therapy etc.).

If you have an experienced Indiana injury lawyer like Randy Sevenish to represent you, he will be able to negotiate with the lienholders to get their liens reduced—giving you more take-home money in your settlement.

How Can an Injury Lawyer Get Liens Reduced?

If you have significant medical bills or loss of income from your injuries, you will most likely have liens, or money you will have to pay back out of your settlement. By law, these liens must be paid back before you can receive your part of the compensation.

Therefore, liens can make a huge difference in how much take-home money you will have from your settlement.  We have years of experience negotiating to reduce liens in order to give a larger percentage of the settlement money directly to the client.

You do not have any bargaining power with the lienholder by yourself, but an experienced Indiana accident lawyer is a mighty advocate for you. In a recent case, injury lawyer Randy Sevenish was able to negotiate the reduction of an injured motorcycle client’s hospital lien from the original $92,000 down to $8,000.  Needless to say, our client benefited by receiving much more take-home settlement money than he otherwise could have.

Unfortunately, many lawyers do not fully understand how to get liens reduced. Many injury lawyers lack knowledge of how to deal with liens from ERISA health insurance plans, which are unique and complex.

If you have an ERISA plan and you are involved in an accident, watch out for the complications in paying back your health insurance lien – you should call an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer like Randy Sevenish to help you through these precarious situations.

Call 1-800-278-9200 to ask Randy for more success stories of lien negotiation, and discuss how to deal with the possible liens involved in your case.

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