What Is an Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Indiana?

What Is an Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Indiana?

It is difficult to know what an average settlement is for a motorcycle accident claim in Indiana. Many settlement figures are not public knowledge. This fact alone makes it difficult to cite an average settlement figure with any certainty. 

You do not need to know average settlement figures to succeed in your case. A motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm could recover fair compensation regardless of other case results.

Reasons Why Motorcycle Accident Settlements Are Not Always Available

There is no public database disclosing every motorcycle accident settlement in Indiana. Without such a resource, it is impossible to determine the actual average of motorcycle settlements.

All parties to a settlement may agree to keep the agreement private. That is their decision to make, but it prevents the public from knowing what the typical motorcycle accident claim is worth.

It’s Still Possible to Determine Whether a Settlement Offer is Fair

Our firm does not base our settlement negotiations on “average” settlement figures. Instead, we negotiate for compensation based on our client’s losses. Most other figures – especially those for completely unrelated cases – may be irrelevant.

Our team may develop a fair settlement figure for your case by:

  • Documenting any injuries from your motorcycle accident
  • Determining how much time you missed from work and the hit you’ll take financially
  • Determining the treatment that you’ll need for your injuries
  • Determining whether you will need rehabilitation to return to work and how long rehabilitation may take

We identify the financial cost of all your losses. The total cost of those losses generally provides a fair settlement offer. Certain other considerations may affect your target settlement figure.

Why You May Settle Rather Than Going to Court

The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that settling a lawsuit is more common than going to court. We generally aim to settle our clients’ cases, including when a motorcycle accident causes injuries or loss of life. 

We may settle your Indiana motorcycle accident claim because:

  • A settlement generally arrives quicker than a judgment 
  • There is some uncertainty when you go to trial and leave your fate in the hands of a jury
  • Settling may be less expensive than going to trial
  • A settlement may provide all the compensation that you deserve

If the offer is right, then we generally settle. We do not settle by comparing your case to average settlements for motorcycle claims in Indiana. Instead, we decide based on whether a settlement offer covers all your current and future damages.

Specific Factors That May Determine the Value of Your Settlement

Be aware that the specifics of your case will influence the settlement that you deserve. Here are some factors that we’ll take into consideration when valuing your claim.

Your Injuries

Our firm will gather information about your injuries by speaking with your doctors. The type and severity of your injuries could determine how long you miss work, whether you suffer long-lasting symptoms, and whether you sustain permanent disability. 

Whether Your Loved One Passed Away

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains that motorcycle accidents cause a disproportionate number of rider deaths each year. If your loved one passed away from a motorcycle accident, then our team will determine how much compensation you deserve.

A settlement or judgment for wrongful death could cover medical bills, pain and suffering (for both you and your loved one), funeral expenses, lost financial support, and other damages.

The Strength of the Evidence

We pursue evidence for every motorcycle accident claim that we handle. The quality of evidence that we collect may affect the overall strength of our case. For example, footage that shows a motorist running a red light and striking your motorcycle would provide extremely solid evidence. 

The Share of Fault

In an accident in Indiana, the at-fault driver must generally cover a victim’s damages, either through an insurance payout, a settlement, or a court-ordered judgment. Determining fault is, therefore, a critical step in any motorcycle accident-related insurance claim or lawsuit.

Indiana also abides by comparative negligence. Indiana Code § 34-51-2-5 allows you to collect compensation even if you share partial fault for your motorcycle accident. So long as another party has a greater percentage of responsibility than you do, they might owe you compensation.

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