What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Indiana?

What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Indiana?

If you suffered injuries in an Indiana car accident, it is understandable to be curious about the average settlement that comes with these claims. The reality is that there is no easy answer to that question. There is no certain way to identify the average settlement for a car accident claim because no two car accidents are exactly the same. Each potential settlement depends on the specific circumstances of the case at hand.

It might not be possible to determine the average value of a car accident injury claim, but you could identify the factors that may impact your own recovery. A car accident injury attorney from our firm can review your case and advise you on what to expect from a potential settlement.

The Challenges of Identifying the Average Value of a Car Accident Settlement

There are two important factors that make it difficult to know the average value of car accident settlements. The first of these factors is the lack of a central clearinghouse for personal injury settlements. There is no place where publicly announced settlement amounts are compiled or collected. This is primarily due to the second reason why knowing the average value of these claims.

When cases are resolved, the process rarely requires court approval. This means even injury claims that have resulted in litigation might not necessarily end with a publicly available settlement figure.

In fact, it is common for both parties to an injury lawsuit to agree to resolve the case in confidence. These agreements prevent either party from disclosing the terms of the settlement, which severely limits the public availability of this information.

Factors That Determine What Your Injury Claim is Worth

While there might not be accurate information regarding these settlements readily available to the public, the good news is that an attorney from our firm could provide you with insight into what your specific claim might be worth.

Determining the value of a car accident injury claim is a complicated process, as many different factors combine when two parties resolve an accident claim.

Insurance Coverage

One of the most important factors that determines what a car accident settlement is worth is the other driver’s insurance coverage. First and foremost, the lack of liability insurance coverage could dramatically reduce the chances of a reasonable settlement offer. Drivers that have insurance might also run into policy limit issues when they cause a collision.

Every liability policy has a limit on the benefits the insurer is required to pay out on a claim. If your damages are far above the limits on the at-fault driver’s policy, you could find yourself facing an unreasonably low settlement offer.


Whether or not the other driver involved in the accident disputes liability could also impact your settlement. Drivers that acknowledge fault in an accident are more likely to make a reasonable settlement offer. When the other driver does not accept fault, it is not uncommon for them to refuse to make any settlement offer at all.

Proving liability is important in your injury claim. Even if the other driver initially denies responsibility, developing incontrovertible evidence of liability could push them to make a reasonable offer. Alternatively, cases wherein liability remains unclear are more likely to see a lower settlement amount.

The Severity of Your Injuries

The severity of your injuries will largely set the baseline for what your claim is worth. If your injuries are severe, you may also face significant medical bills during your recovery. Your injury settlement could include compensation for both past and future medical expenses.

The severity of your injuries could also lead to a claim for pain and suffering. Serious injuries are usually painful, and you could be entitled to a monetary award based on the physical suffering you have experienced.

The Damage to Your Property

You could be entitled to compensation for losses that are not related to your injuries. Chief among these claims is the damage to your personal property.

In addition to your other expenses, you could also recover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle following an accident. Even seemingly minor degrees of property damage could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition could have a negative impact on the amount of compensation you are entitled to recover. On its own, a pre-existing injury will not prevent you from recovering compensation following an accident.

However, the other side is likely to argue that you are seeking compensation for a previous injury as opposed to one that stems from your car accident. Our firm can help establish that the accident worsened a pre-existing injury, which could result in monetary compensation.

Car Accident Settlement FAQs

Can you settle a car accident without a lawyer?

While you have the option to pursue an insurance claim—and even a lawsuit—without a lawyer, some victims of car accidents choose to hire legal representation. This may allow them to focus on recovering their health and spending time with loved ones instead of worrying about handling the legal process on your own.

A car accident lawyer can provide a number of services, and they may be able to help you settle with your insurance company without going to trial. If they cannot reach a fair settlement during negotiations, though, they have no problem filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. They can represent you in court so that you do not have to face the burden of representing yourself alone.

Why should you pursue compensation in a car accident case?

A car accident can have serious consequences, some of which are not immediately apparent upon impact. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), even minor collisions can result in internal injuries that worsen over time. Some injuries even prove fatal for victims who miss the symptoms or fail to get a medical assessment.

This is why it is so important to visit a doctor soon after an accident, even if you feel fine in the moment. Some conditions—such as whiplash—can have delayed symptoms, and you deserve to seek compensation for your injuries if someone else is responsible for them. Along with preserving your health, seeking medical attention may help to provide evidence of your losses and connect your injuries to the incident.

Discuss Your Settlement Options with Us

While the information provided here is useful, you can only receive a careful evaluation of your injury claim by speaking with our firm. If you are ready to discuss the settlement value for a car accident claim in Indiana, contact the Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. today at 317-720-3229.

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