What Kind of Injuries Can Happen in a Car Accident?

What Kind of Injuries Can Happen in a Car Accident?

Many types of injuries can happen in a car accident. Vehicle collisions could impact any part of your body, meaning that they could also lead to virtually any type of injury or wound. Some accidents are relatively minor, causing little more than scrapes or bruising. Other accidents involve force so extreme that it can break bones, damage organs, or even result in fatal injuries.

While some injuries may heal on their own, other conditions could require medical intervention. Worst-case scenarios could lead to permanent or even fatal injuries following a car crash. When these accidents occur due to another driver’s carelessness, you could be entitled to pursue a lawsuit for monetary compensation from the at-fault motorist.

Traumatic Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

One of the most severe injuries that can come from a vehicle collision involves damage to the brain. While any brain injury is serious, particularly severe wounds are known as traumatic brain injuries or TBIs. According to the Mayo Clinic, these injuries result from a jolt to the brain or even a foreign object piercing the brain.

The most common form of TBI is a concussion. This injury occurs when a jolt to the head is so strong it causes the brain to shift and shake. These movements strain and tear the brain tissue, resulting in serious damage in many cases. A TBI can lead to a range of symptoms, from headaches to unexplained personality changes.

Spinal Damage in a Collision Can Lead to Paralysis

Spinal damage is also common in car accidents. In some cases, motorists will fully recover from these injuries. In other situations, a spinal injury could lead to permanent paralysis.

Paralysis can impact different parts of the body. Typically, damage to the spinal cord will cause complete loss of movement below the point of the spinal injury. However, some forms of paralysis might only impact certain parts of the body or only occur intermittently.

Whiplash Is a Common Injury in Car Accidents

No other injury is more associated with car accidents than whiplash. Whiplash is an injury involving damage to the soft tissue within the neck and shoulders. These injuries occur when a jolt causes a person’s head to whip one direction violently and then back again. Whiplash injuries are especially common in rear-end vehicle accidents, according to Johns Hopkins.

Whiplash often heals on its own. However, severe cases may require medical intervention. This can include mild treatments like a neck cone or massage. In serious cases, surgery could be necessary to address these injuries.

Collision Victims Frequently Suffer Broken Bones

Any bone could break in a motor vehicle accident, depending on the nature of the crash. Arm and leg breaks are common, especially in serious accidents in which part of the vehicle collapses. In other cases, broken ribs and fractured skulls are possible.

Broken bones typically require medical attention to correct. Some involve little more than small fractures, and victims may recover easily. Compound fractures are harder to deal with. These injuries are so severe that broken pieces of bone puncture the skin. Not only do these injuries take longer to heal, but they also frequently lead to infection.

Severe Burns from Serious Traffic Accidents

Motor vehicles commonly rely on gasoline-powered engines to get around. Given how flammable this substance is, a crash could result in a fire if any fuel leaks from the vehicle. Passengers trapped within a vehicle could suffer burn injuries if the gasoline ignites.

Burn injuries vary in severity. In general, they come in four different classes. These classes are known as degrees. While a first-degree burn is the least severe, a fourth-degree burn is much more dangerous.

First-degree burns rarely involve more than some pain and swelling. Most of the time, these injuries heal on their own in a few days. On the opposite end of the spectrum, fourth-degree burns are often fatal. They involve burns so severe that the damage reaches beyond the skin to the muscle and bone underneath.

Collisions Can Cause Internal Bleeding

Some car accidents are so severe that the force crushes the vehicle. In these accidents, the metal and plastic of the vehicle pressing in on the victim could result in internal bleeding. These injuries are severe, and often go undiagnosed after an accident. Internal bleeding is often fatal when not addressed by medical professionals right away.

Discuss Your Car Accident Injuries with an Attorney

Regardless of what kind of injuries can happen in a car accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible after a collision. Even if you do not believe you suffered severe injuries, a doctor may spot injuries of which you are not yet aware.

A serious car accident injury could change your life forever. Thankfully, a personal injury lawyer could assist you in pursuing a claim for compensation for your accident-related injuries.

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